I have a friend, a rock n’ roll rebel/ educator Martin Atkins who tours the world talking about his time with NIN, Ministry, Pigface and a bunch of other bands while preaching the DIY gospel to musicians and artists everywhere. His message? “Get The F**K Out Of Bed” if you want to succeed in the music business.

Martin preaches that it all starts with you – getting out of bed and getting your shit together and making a difference one day at a time. It’s not going to come to you lying there under the covers. Wishful thinking accounts for very little in the music industry and it’s the same for the cinema content world.

What are you doing right now to create your own original cinema content?

In my Manifesto, I recommend strongly that you start with making a list of resources available to you RIGHT NOW and then counting out the $$$ you have to hand – and then get the f**k out of bed and start making your cinema. What are you waiting for?

You don’t need a high-end RED camera, an Arri Alexa or a 70mm film platform to make your own art (Note: Kodak is coming back with a new Super 8mm digital camera for Fall 2016! Everything old is indeed new again). What you need is an original story told in an engaging and unique manner. You need to start small – making your cinematic sketches in short form and Haiku fashion before you jump into the work required for a full web series or feature film project. You need to share your stories, your dreams and your hopes with as many people as possible – and find others who are as passionate, as mad and as brilliant as you are to help you along the way.

You need to understand that you are not alone in this.

More on Martin – He gives away a copy of his treatise – Welcome To The Music Industry: You’re Fucked here and it’s a sobering reminder that the music industry is in the throes of a continued revolution – much like our own cinema world. Ask yourself, how often do you go to the cinema vs. watching streamed or downloaded material on your media device? Welcome to the world of cinema content – you’re just as f**ked! If your using Torrents, You Tube FULL LENGTH movies, illegeal downloads or buying bootleg DVD’s, you’re contributing to the culture and climate that is decimating the world of cinema. Screening copies for the Oscars, People Choice Awards and other award events are already surfacing online – and being downloaded by the hundreds of thousands. How can you use this download-only mindset to support your own cinema initative?

If you’re a new artist, you need to start giving your work away, creating short form and original visions on social media platforms, uploading your content to Pirate Bay and other torrent sites and building a community of followers, fans and friends who will champion your shit. Without a constant and continued presence of new material and unique content, you run the risk of staying in bed forever and pulling the covers over your head and giving up – before you even begin. Rather than crying about the lack of diversity, the studio system, the dirth of funding or the lackluster cinema out their in the world – YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF BED and show the world a different approach, different stories and your own unique take on things – or crawl back under the sheets and hope that someday you Prince will come and rescue you (He won’t).

So, starting today – Get The F**K Out Of Bed and make the following promise to yourself.  These are the tenets of The Cinema 2.0 Manifesto.

  1. I am in search of an authentic, microcinema I can share worldwide without excuse or apology.
  2. I shall distribute my fabulous finished films myself in any way possible and do not expect to become rich or famous for my art. I’ll take it if they give it to me. I’m not stupid.
  3. My work shall be unique, personal, authentic, rich and varied as I determine what I have to contribute to world cinema.
  4. The Internet, self-distribution, crowd sourcing and peer-to-peer communication is critical to my ongoing evolution of my own niche-branded NEW cinema.
  5. I shall make outrageous, audacious and personal films that the mainstream wouldn’t dare.
  6. I will not overtly copy what has come before.
  7. I shall do my OWN GREAT THING!

You can make a difference, make original cinema that is uniquely yours – and find ways to distribute and demonstrate your artistry once you pull back the covers and take the first step. Get The F**K Out Of Bed!

You can get a copy (PDF or Hardcopy) of my book, The CInema 2.0 Manifesto here.