Cinema 2.0: 10 Next Gen Resolutions - Raindance



It’s holiday time as we gear up for Xmas, Kwanzaa, and beyond and it’s time to reflect as we get ready for the Next Year. Now, more than ever, DIY cinema evangelists need to get their house in order and plan for their 2016 content launch or Next Gen project. Here’s a list of 10 Next Gen Resolutions for 2016. Why not actually MAKE resolutions you can keep? 

  1. I’m not going to waste time with empty talk and ‘cute’ mainstream scenarios waiting for magic money to show up. It won’t. #divorcethemainstreamnow

  2. I’m going to spend my time and my own money developing a realistic battle plan using software, schedules and realistic strategies to help myself succeed. Prepping on paper costs NOTHING. #priorplanningpreventspoorperformance

  3. I’m going to surround myself with positive, can-do people. I will NOT listen to Trolls and critics. They’re jealous and can’t do what I can. #hatersbite

  4. I understand the Internet and peer-to-peer involvement will build support for my work and I want to make new friends worldwide. I will cherish this. #onlinecinelove

  5. I will support other DIY micro filmmakers in person and online advocating and assisting as possible. #diyordie, #helpabrotherout, #helpasisterout

  6. I will read up on new digital technology and marketing needs and stay current and constant with evolving digital technologies. I shall adopt when affordable and necessary. #staycurrent, #readoften, #nextgencine

  7. I will have FUN making a new original work of ART that has my personal vision and something to say unique to my worldview, attitude and opinion. #Iamreal

  8. I will reject the status quo because it’s boring anyway. #whybenormal, #rejectthestatusquo

  9. I will set standards, speak openly and be an advocate for authentic and original self-expression – my own and others. #keepit100

  10. I will stop trying to get rich, or famous with my work.

Make the cinema you want to make as best you can and share with the world NOW. #beyourselfalways. Forget about copying big budget mainstream movies and get into your own film groove with original and authentic microcinema you develop yourself. Start 2016 with a bang by taking control and owning your own place right now. #2016ismyyear