Cinema 2.0: Cult Of Personality Top 10 List - Raindance

  “Cult status is manufactured. Not earned” – Elliot Grove

What’s your message? What will you be known for? How can an audience find you if you are not advertising yourself?

By following the marketing steps as outlined here, Cinema 2.0 artists can expand their promotional and marketing activities.

You must create a #cultofpersonality that is readily and easily definable.

The goal is to be the recognizable spokesperson or artist expert associated with your own cinema style or movement.

Consider the following TOP TEN POINTS points as you create your own UNIQUE #cultofpersonality.

1. Engagement on a one-to-one basis with a specific ‘cult’ market is essential for building brand awareness and loyalty.

Meeting fans in person makes for a personal connection and undying support. Taking the time to talk to, answer emails, respond, react and thank makes a difference in whom is interested in you. #sayhello

2. Timely and topical Cinema 2.0 films will be of greater news interest for audience members looking for social currency and VIP insider status.

They want to be the first to know about it – and will share it with their friends and family if they get this Intel ahead of everyone. If you have groundbreaking news, a fresh approach, and a unique take on a specific topic or a specialized manner in which you are telling your story – your audience will revel in being the first to share their ‘discovery’. #newpenny

3. Genre-blending and the mixing of known quantities allow for stronger associations or triggers for interested audiences.

Peanut butter and chocolate mash-ups of the cinematic kind are unique, flavorful and different. Add pickles with ice cream. Start a new taste sensation with original, outrageous and delicious recipes.

4. Visual engagement matters with vivid trailers, key-art and graphic promotions geared toward specific ‘cult’ markets online and in-person.

Artwork, trailers, promos and self-styled stand-up ‘personality’ videos all serve the visual branded ‘cult’ identity of the media artist.

5. Emotions get shared.

Feeling or sharing how one responds to art is common for social engagement with the importance of creating authentic conversations with followers outpaces the shotgun paid ‘one-size-fits-all’ generic advertising of the mainstream. You don’t have to sell to everyone – just the right followers. #makenewpals

6. Understanding the psychological and emotional cinematic requirements of your ‘cult’ audience as an evolving family or ‘tribe’.

The ‘cult’ zeitgeist of specific times and tastes will change over time. You must make the boat as you sail it. #adaptordie

7. World events, social uprisings, and laws can impact specific genres allowing greater growth for a very limited window only.

One must act fast to capitalize. We are a limber and elastic categorization of microcinema able to ‘get to market’ faster than larger companies or outlets. Exploit your streamlined and micro-focused objectives by being first with all that you do. #limberandlean

8. Tribe-building and authentic contact with like-minded ‘cult’ followers create greater advocacy.

One cannot fake active engagement for a cause or ‘cult’ belief. Join, share and grow with your audience. As a fan I am active in a number of specific DIY filmmaker groups, speak at public events, give away my cinema and write for a variety of organizations on microcinema. I am a member of my own audience. #areyouyouraudience

9. Face-to-face advocacy is the most effective marketing tool.

People sell and share to people – not companies. Becoming a ‘cult’ cinema spokesman for a specific style or type of personal movie is critical to message clarity and cohesion. Get out to the conventions, the festivals, the meet-ups, the showcases or start your own club to allow audience members to meet you in the flesh. Digital sharing is one thing. Personal caring is an entirely different matter. #putonyourhappyface

10. A unique ‘Call To Action’ can entice ‘cult’ fans once they are familiar with a body of work.

They will readily come along with someone they trust and respect. Be EVER vigilant and proactive with all that you do. Understand the needs of your audiences and give away, entice, treat and honor your followers with free gifts, Easter eggs, promotional pieces and fun-based objectives that let them join your special cine club. #makemefeelspecial

You can develop a relatable artisanal ‘cult’ cinema dedicated to a micro-focused eco-system by using the energy of creative self-promotion and genre-blending inventiveness of known cinema celebrities such as Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Lloyd Kaufman (of Troma Studio fame) and other modern-day showmen. New cinema creators can build a branded presence and persona to rival the appeal of known ‘cult’ cine-celebrities such as John Waters, Kevin Smith and Raindance founder Elliot Grove by using propagative, insightful, daring and audacious acts of daring, shocking and true self-promotion. #howfaristoofar?