Cinema 2.0: Are You A Glory Hog? Take Our 5 Point Test - Raindance

Here are my Top 5 tests for determining if you are sharing and caring for your content – or if you are just being a hog about yourself and your cause. Yes, it is essential for you to develop a cohesive branded message across a variety of social media outlets to establish your message and intent if an indy content creator – but how much is too much?


1. Are You Talking Too Much About Yourself!

When working and sharing your content online, a good ratio for you to consider should be 60% INTERESTING CONTENT (ideas, thoughts, likes, gags, jokes, art, your interests and interesting pictures or videos) mixed with 40% PERSONAL PROMOTION (your film’s specific sales or event elements, screenings, showcases and pitches) used as a guide. Don’t be a glory hog or complete self-absorbed publicity machine. People tire of this quickly. Don’t troll looking for LIKES and click-throughs proving to the world at large what a huge ‘askhole’ you are. Stop being a glory hog if all you do is pimp yourself and your content.

2. What ratio of your posts are about your work and nothing else?

Make only 40% of your online posts a call to action for your content. Your audience doesn’t want to be sold to 24/7. By recognizing that there is a limit to how much self-promotion you should do, the chance of being ignored or ‘unfriended’ are minimized. Don’t be that person that sells his or herself all the time without contributing to the online conversation. #Iamnotasaleswhore.


3. Are you being truly proactive, vocal, and outrageous – or just a walking, talking advertisement for your work only?

It is far better if other people are talking about you. #letotherspimpyou As you develop your branded message and personal identity online, don’t be afraid to experiment with other genres outside your comfort zone from time-to-time to test traction and audience interest. This can be a revelation as new areas of interest and promotion reveal themselves to you.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 1.12.23 PMSweet Leaf 2

4. Are you Consistent?

I am consistent with my online identity speaking about microcinema and DIY production yet I am not afraid to try different genres other than horror or extreme cinema. As a DIY artist, I am most fulfilled experimenting with personal content that uses the same DIY methodologies – just wrapped up in a different genre sometimes. Multiple film awards for Fall Away, international sales for American Slice and a new faith-based distribution and online promotional opportunity for Finding Hope all allow me new and varied avenues of discussion, distribution, and supporters. The content may vary but the methodologies remain the same.

Have Less

The core message of ‘doing more with less’ is intact and this is what I talk and write about – and by expanding my cinematic output, I can share this information with filmmakers and other content creators interested in adapting Cinema 2.0 methodologies to their own workflow.

5. Are You Stretching Yourself?

Are you stretching as far as you can? Why not? Do you have transportable or adjustable content that can be transposed to another market or audience? Have you used Tumblr, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram and explored new media and social opportunities online and in-person? Have you attended a conference? Spoken at a meeting or party about your media or interests? Taught a class? Taken a course? All of these avenues lead to engagement and the more you stretch yourself outside of the usual suspects, the greater chance for engagement, friendship, and promotional opportunities.

Does your audience lie just outside your immediate reach?#stretchgoals


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