Cinema 2.0: 7 Ways To Reimagine Distribution - Raindance


With “Jurassic World” setting new box office records (and squeezing every screen away from mid-level and independent work), you need to reconsider how your original cinema can be seen. The number of screens available for independent and microcinema work continue to shrink under the onslaught of mainstream media This means it’s time for a reframing of the DIY and independent feature film distribution clearly outside of the mainstream Hollywood world. These are techniques and approaches I am now using to promote and distribute my own cinema in conjunction with established genre specific labels or distributors when applicable. Take advantage of reimagining your own distribution today.

1. #define

Your Cinema 2.0 microcinema doesn’t need to compete with established mainstream cinema output and should clearly embrace the niche-marketing exposure that avant-garde, fine art and experimental cinema clearly allows. What’s your niche?

2. #embrace

By embracing MICRO-FINANCING, MICRO-MARKETING and MICRO-AUDIENCES, you can build a direct peer-to-peer network of like-minded creators and consumers invited through online access. Who’s your audience?

3. #marketit

Making the film is the easy part. Marketing it is the hardest. Who is marketing your film? What are you doing to sell yourself? Show yourself? How are you contributing to local and global conversations?

4. #meetyouraudience

The continued attempts to storm traditional and established feature film marketplaces (including broadcast television) should be abandoned in favor of directly marketing your work today and building personal interaction between yourself as a creator and your audience as paid consumers. Where are you showing your work? To whom? When? How often?

5. #getthewordout

Mainstream movies buy market share through costly public relationship engagements and spends millions positioning their products in the global advertising marketplace. You do not have that leverage. How will audiences know about your work? Who is talking about you?

6. #youmatter

Your microcinema must adopt a handmade, artisanal stance reflecting your individual cine content, your unique points of interest and your stories outside the standardized playbook. It’s what makes your work special. What makes you special? How is your work different than everyone else’s?

7. #whatsyourhandle

The tools of manufacturing content and the ability to consume media have been substantially developed in the digital online world that now allow a smorgasbord of media content for your potential audience. What’s your platform online? Are you active on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Ebay, Pinterest, WordPress, Snap Chat, Tinder, Grinder, Etsy, Tumbler, Google +? If you’re not online, you’re not visible. Where can the world find you? Don’t hide.

There has to be a specific and unique reason for audiences to want to engage with you.Why should audiences care about your cinema? How much do you want to share and care? Don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. You are your first point of contact with your audience.