Chris Milk's Revolutionary Work On Virtual Reality - Raindance

Chris Milk is a photographer, director, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Within (Virtual Reality).

Beginning his career in music videos, commercials and photography shortly gaining recognition. Working with names such as  Kanye West, Johnny Cash, U2 and others. Milk’s work has since expanded beyond tradition. Experimenting with different formats and mediums storytelling leading into virtual reality, now a partner, creative director, and creator with Here Be Dragons.

Which is a VR company producing some of the most fascinating and groundbreaking? Virtual Reality videos today.

Through various interviews and speeches including TED talks 2015 presenting the power of virtual reality as a medium. Spoke a second time again in 2016 on virtual reality as the last medium of storytelling. 

Hinting these are still the early stages of Virtual reality and quoted from an interview with TechCrunch Milk stated “Citizen Kane does not come in year 2 of cinema. It Takes decades”. Hinting VR is still in early stages. Expressing That more content is in demand. Experimenting with interaction and delivering empathy to our experience.

Milk now a partner, creative director, and creator with Here Be Dragons. What is that you may ask, It is a Specialized production with custom tools and technology in virtual reality supporting innovative creators releasing all forms of content. Including 5 Virtual Reality videos Created by Chris Milk below.

Waves of Grace

The United Nations – Waves of Grace

9 mins 41 sec

The story follows Decontee Davis an ebola survivor, using her immunity to help others affected by the disease.

Evolution Of Verse

Evolution of Verse

3 mins 59  secs

Journey from one beginning to another, This is one of the more experimental virtual reality videos chris milk has produced.

Jerry Seinfeld SNL Q&A

SNL 40 – Seinfeld Q&A

8 mins 1sec

Bringing you behind the scenes of SNL for its 40th anniversary special, Featuring  appearances by current and former cast member, past hosts, and guest stars.

Walking New York

The New York Times – Walking New York

7 mins 8 secs

Here be Dragons and New York times have collaborated to capture a large scale street art installation by renowned french artist JR.

Millions March

Vice News – Millions March

8 mins 9 secs

Teaming up with vice news in the first ever virtual reality news broadcast covering the millions march in New York with over 60,000 New Yorkers.




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