Raindance has built a committed and growing community of filmmakers across the world, with offices in America, Europe and is now developing its network presence in the Chinese territory.

Raindance offers the opportunity to engage with a targeted audience of both filmmakers and industry executives from the UK and abroad.

To achieve our mission in China, Raindance has partnered with Dreamax Pictures.

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13 Reasons Why Filmmakers Celebrate Independence

Two huge civic celebrations of independence are coming up: July 1st is Canada's 150 birthday - celebrating how they threw off the yoke of the British government, and July 4th - the day all Americans celebrate how a raggle-taggle gang of upstarts disrupted the British...

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“Ocean” wins at the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival

Raindance MA alumni Lia Tarachansky won the Women in Film Award at the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival for her short film Ocean. Lia Tarachansky is a Russian-Israeli video journalist who reported on the attack, on the rockets Gazan militant groups launched in return,...

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Why is Deadpool so Successful?

Most people, including the writers and producers of Deadpool, have been surprised at its incredible level of success. It set a new box office record for an R-rated film, and has had gotten positive reviews from critics and the audience. Let’s take a look at what,...

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