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The James Bond franchise is a string of exceptional screenings with only a couple movie mishaps along the way. The 25th in the series of James bond films is called No Time to Die and was due to be released in April 2020.  But due to the current circumstances, the filmmakers had to cease production. The new release for No Time to Die is November 12th, 2020, in the UK and will be screened in the USA just under two weeks after.

There were many rumours that this Bond film would be a cornerstone moment because it would have a lead female character taking Bond’s place. Although that is not 100% the case as Daniel Craig will again take the reins. However, the film may have set up future Bond films to gravitate towards a female Bond for the first time.

Lashana Lynch will play the aforementioned female 00 Agent called Nomi. Her inclusion may be what creates some iconic scenes in this new Bond film. Will she have Bond’s taste in drinks or even Bond’s taste in casino games? We’ll have to wait to find out.

The Plot of No Time to Die

The plot of the film is a little different from what has come before. Most notably, because James Bond is no longer in active service as Agent 007 (technically!). He has left service but gets a visit from his friend who wants to discuss the disappearance of a scientist. It turns out that the scientist was abducted, and Bond is now returning to a dangerous and dark world he already knows too well.

One cool fact about the film is that this screening’s Bond song will be recorded by American singer Billie Eilish. At just 18 years old at the time of recording (January 2020), she is the youngest artist ever to create a Bond film song.

What Awesome Scenes Can We Expect?

The film is expected to take on most of the characteristics of the previous James Bond movies. Danger, explosions and drama will be in abundance for this famous British spy. All of these things keep us gripped to our seats and glued to the screen. But they also live long in the memory as memorable classic Bond scenes.

The inclusion of more women and people of different races is another positive about the film. James Bond is undoubtedly meeting modern expectations in its casting and character roles. These new differences could make scenes more significant than ever, and even be classed as cornerstone moment of the franchise as a whole.

Competing with Classic Scenes from the Past

Whatever the film produces, it will have to compete with a wealth of impressive scenes that everyone knows well. Even people who are not huge Bond fans may remember:

  •   Bond’s introduction to Dr No in the casino
  •   Bond playing Craps in the casino during Diamonds are Forever
  •   When Jaws smiles at the young girl (who did not wear braces despite what your mind may think you saw all those years ago!)
  •   The MI6 explosion from the London bridge in Skyfall

·   Every Bond girl that wore Bond’s shirt in the morning



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