Book Review: Complete Screenwriting Course - Raindance

I’ve always been a proponent of the idea that you don’t need too much “book learning” to become a great writer. Sure, a class every once in a while can’t hurt, but I stand behind the idea that the only way to become a better writer is to write. However, if you’re looking to pursue screenwriting, an education is surely needed to know the ins and outs of understanding how the industry works and getting your work to sell.

And Charles Harris’ new book “Complete Screenwriting Course” via Teach Yourself does just that. It takes you from that first fledgling of an idea to how to get a lawyer to look over your contract (!). In easy-to-understand language that doesn’t talk down to you, Harris guides you through developing your character, following various common structures, and writer’s block.

And Harris is one to be trusted: a writer-director, extremely appreciated writing adviser, and co-founder of the first scriptwriters’ workshop in the world. Harris also believes in my principle of writing more to write better: with hands-on exercises after every lesson, you’re able to immediately apply what you’ve learned, build up your portfolio, and potentially even finish that screenplay. Anyone who has yet to sell their first script and anyone who just wants to have a script to sell would benefit from this book and you should hurry. The book is already selling out at a rapid speed.