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We get it, it’s 2021, COVID has been here for a while, and you’re just looking for ways to make sure that you’re making the most of time at home and finding things to keep you entertained after a long work-week all while maintaining a safe distance. 

If that’s what you want, we’re here for it, and we don’t judge. And here’s the thing, as the traditional television has slowly faded out and gotten replaced by subscription services, we think the best thing to do to keep life interesting is to subscribe to a TV streaming service, grab your favorite food, and let your favorite movies and shows take you over. 

If you’re confused about which one to subscribe to, we get it. It’s a tough call to make, especially when most platforms don’t even offer the same shows. But not to worry, here is a list of our top ten Tv streaming services that will not disappoint you if you just want to stay on top of trending shows and movies. 

Let’s begin.

1) Netflix

As the largest and most popular TV streaming service, Netflix certainly doesn’t need any introduction. Housing thousands of movies and shows, including its own native shows, this platform is affordable, easy-to-use, and fun to have on your phone! 

The streaming is fast, high-quality, and easy and will feel like you have a tiny friend right in your purse—turn switch the app on every time you feel down, and you’ll find something that will cheer you right up.

Compatible with Android, Apple, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick, among a host of other technologies and platforms, this one is our personal must-have. 

Starting at $13.99/mo, Netflix is a great deal for anyone from teens to boomers. 

2) Amazon Prime

Featuring a solid collection of both popular TV shows and movies, Amazon Prime comes only next to Netflix with a slightly less easy-to-use interface and a cheaper payment plan at $12.99 per month. Since Amazon Prime belongs to Amazon, the platform offers exclusive benefits to its customers like a free kindle book every month, access to Amazon music, and free shipping, among others. 

Apart from that, this platform is like Netflix—only, with a lesser—though high-quality variety. Compatible with all major devices, including Android, Apple, Windows, PlayStation, Roku, and Amazon Firestick to name a few, this platform isn’t hard to use.

3) Disney+

If you grew up watching and singing along to the classic Disney heroines like Ariel The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, you’d know just how special this service is. Disney has collected all of its works, threw in all of its recent projects and created a magical, mystical, beautiful masterpiece called Disney+. 

If you want your kids to have an equally magical childhood as you did, this is a subscription not to pass up on. But that’s not even the best part. The best reason to get Disney+ now is its $6.99/month subscription price! 

That’s even cheaper than Netflix! That’s not all though, on top of the affordability, Disney+ also gives its users a 7-day free trial to help them decide if it is the right platform for them. What more could one ask for?

4) Hulu

Did you know that the word ‘Hulu’ is actually Chinese for a box where people keep precious things? We think it fits because Hulu brings a lot of precious shows, movies, series, and other important, entertaining, and informative media elements to its users at a very affordable price. 

Along with big OG titles like ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Saturday Night Live’, and ‘South Park’, Hulu also offers its viewers a wide range of newer shows to keep things light and fresh. It is also the only streaming service that is compatible with Nintendo Switch. If you are in another region where the streaming service in not available then you can use VPN to unblock Hulu.

Even though in the $5.00/mo price range, this pot of gold looks shinier than most, there are a couple of obvious downsides to Hulu. The first one is that the paid service has commercials that are annoying to many people, and second, streaming is only limited to one screen. 

5) Apple TV+

With the rate that Apple is growing at, none of us were surprised when the Apple TV was launched. With talent and money bags on its side, this platform is just as promising as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Offering a wide range of expensive-looking shows, promising upcoming projects, and a free 1-year subscription with Apple devices, we’re already in love. 

The Apple TV also allows a 7-day free trial, up to 6 simultaneous streams, and a humble $4.99/mo subscription price tag. However, since its new, the platform doesn’t offer a lot of variety, making it a touch less reasonable to lock in. 

6) Twitch

If you were scrolling the list looking for a free option, this is it. Completely free, Twitch is the streaming platform that is too good to be true. Compatible with major devices, unlimited streams, and a vast collection of shows and movies, this list wasn’t going to make much sense without Twitch. 

Previously known as, this platform thrives on ads and commercials that are unskippable, not to mention a little annoying, but hey, for virtually no cost, what more does one want! 

So here you go, your complete list of Tv streaming platforms to take your pick from in 2021. If there’s a platform on here that isn’t accessible in your country, try downloading a VPN. Whether you’re looking to unlock geo-blocked shows on Netflix or get a Disney+ subscription in your country or anywhere in the world.



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