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Behind any great movie, short, series, there must be a great screenplay. A great screenplay comes from the capacity to find a develop a GREAT story. But HOW DO WE FIND AND DEVELOP GOOD STORIES? More than special effects or big budget productions, what makes a movie a good movie is the power of its great story and its characters.

Developing your screenplay sometimes can be exhausting. All your friends can read it and give you feedback, but then you get the answer from a production company saying that your script is not ready for production yet. What to do then? You really believe in your good story, don’t you? We can help you. Professional script consultancy will help your project reach its full potential – whether it’s a tv pilot, a short movie, a feature film, a web series, we can help you make it happen!

Rafael López, Raindance Barcelona script consultant is an expert script/bibles/storylines “doctor” and he can help you preparing your film/TV package. You can start with a FREE consultation on Skype (in Spanish or English) where you can explain to Rafael what you need and how you want to present your project.

Get in touch with us if you feel that you’re stuck, that you don’t know why your story/script is not working, if you have a pilto and you don’t know how to go on or develop a whole storyline, or simply if you want to have it all ready to present to producers and directors.

If you need to talk to Rafael, please send us an email to and write SCRIPT CONSULTANCY in the object.


SHORT FILM: 70 Euros (includes: written assessment of your script and a 40 minutes presential/Skype consultancy with Rafael)

FEATURE FILM: 250 Euros (includes: written assessment of your script and a 90 minutes presential/Skype consultancy with Rafael)

TV PILOT & BIBLE: 150 Euros (includes: written assessment of your script and a 60 minutes presential/Skype consultancy with Rafael)

STORYLINE DEVELOPMENT: 350 Euros (includes: complete storyline development for your series and 2 presential/Skype 60 minutes consultancies with Rafael)

About Rafael López Ruiz

Rafael, Andalusian, graduated in Audiovisual Communications, is a screenwriter and director. He is a volcano of ideas and his capacity of creating new stories and characters is constant and fascinating. He is the owner of MissTake Productions in Barcelona and he has developed several TV shows, shorts, a feature film and a play, with her colleague Annalisa Giolo Dunker.

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