BAFTA's "How I Write" Video Series; Get Screenwriting Tips From Tony Gilroy, Susannah Grant, David S. Goyer and More - Raindance

As the most prestigious award body in British film and TV, BAFTA have taken it upon themselves to equip aspiring writers with the essential tools they will need along the way with this series of videos entitled “How I Write”. Featuring established Hollywood screenwriters like Tony Gilroy, Peter Morgan and Richard Curtis, along with David S. Goyer, Hossein Amini and Susannah Grant, each discussing preparation, the first draft, and rewriting. With their experience, they offer insight into their working processes, useful tips and tricks to get your script onto the page.

From the conception of your idea to the finished product, these writers suggest research, ‘knowing’ your characters, and finding your personal ways to help you work. As Grant comments, writing a script is a bit like a road trip: “You know where you’re starting, and you know where you’re heading, though the stops may change along the way”. A word of advice from Amini: find your way into an editing room: “You learn what’s needed and what’s not, and what’s being thrown out.” For more useful trick of the trade, check out the videos below: