Matteo Valentini, Author at Raindance

About Matteo Valentini


Matteo Valentini (Vignola, MO, Italy - 16/11/1990) is an Italian actor, director and screenwriter.

Trained at the E. Fabbri drama company in his hometown in Italy, he left his country for London, where he studied acting and filmmaking for two years attending many masterclasses and workshops at the Raindance Film School and the London City Academy Film School.

He is known for his social media dark comedies, usually shot with a mix of long takes, jump cuts and whip pan transitions that can make even a completely static movie as exciting as a a survival-action flick. His main credits include: The Social Doctor (2021); An Insta(nt) Story (2020); A Movie Without An Ending (2020) and I Really Need To See A Good Doctor (2019).

Check out all his productions on Instagram @riservatipictures or on Vimeo.