Li-Wei Chu, Author at Raindance

About Li-Wei Chu


Li-Wei Chu is an intern at Raindance London, and is currently studying Cinema and Digital Media at UC Davis and Film Production at Queen Mary, University of London. Originally from Diamond Bar, California, he enjoys volunteering for the Miskatonic Institute and various film festivals around London.

Li-Wei is obsessed with horror films (especially the ones that give him nightmares), films from East Asia, and really any film that makes you go 'hmmmm'. He loves talking about film and indie music with others, so be sure to drop him a line if you want to chat.

Favorite films: The Babadook (2014), Evil Dead (1981), Eat Drink Man Woman (1994), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

He misses sunny weather, but enjoys being in the big city.

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