Jenna Suru, Author at Raindance

About Jenna Suru


Jenna Suru established Belle Époque Films in January 2015, on the back of representing « The Dream Series » at Raindance 2014 in the web series section. She co-produced two UK shorts. The first, "Spitball", was funded by the Northern Ireland Screen, and the second, "Bigger Picture", starred BAFTA‐nominated Robert Sheehan (Misfits, The Umbrella Academy). She directed and produced her debut feature film "L'Âge d'Or" as only producer with an international cast, 35 exceptional locations and an outstanding soundtrack, featuring songs from Chuck Berry and Jimmy Reed. Jenna has been working for Canneseries since the kickstart of first edition in 2018 and is also the Director of the Paris International Film Festival.

Picture credit: Serge Angeloni.