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About Harvey Puttock


Harvey is the Filmmaker in Residence/Tech Genie and is often referred to as the Brad Pitt of Raindance*. He has directed several shorts including The Many Faces of Beth Jones and Yes, Virginia.

*Once. Sarcastically.

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Filmmaker’s Shopping List

As a filmmaker you can never have enough gadgets and there are some really nifty things to make your film shoots run more smoothly. Why not treat yourself or that special filmmaker in your life with one of these gizmos? Director’s Notebook Cost? £7.49 Planning...

Virtual Reality Suite For Filmmakers

We may not have hover-boards or flying cars yet, but one thing seems set to change in 2016 and that’s virtual reality filmmaking. You’ve probably heard VR thrown around a lot, whether it was back in the early 90s when it first seemed like it might take...
Fake Brands To Use In Your Films

Fake Brands To Use In Your Films

You’ve got your script, you’ve got your actors, you’ve even got your equipment, and then it hits you: Budweiser probably won’t want their products shown in your film. Now the dream is to convince the brand that your film is going to be...