Evan Bass Zeisel, Author at Raindance

About Evan Bass Zeisel


Evan Bass Zeisel, a graduate of Columbia University, is a filmmaker, writer, entrepreneur, and the CEO of Copyright Slap LLC. Evan has produced numerous independent films during the last decade -- from the multi-award-winning short film How You Are to Me to the feature thriller The Eve. He has also produced many original web series, including Buddy CoPs, The SIT Network, and Zombie Survival Training with William Stradler.

With the release of his first feature on Video-On-Demand (VOD), Evan became aware of how damaging and costly illegal streaming and online piracy are for independent filmmakers. After spending hours manually submitting DMCA Violation Notices, he reached out to a college friend, Lee Kowitz (CTO of Copyright Slap LLC), to pitch the idea of a company that would help independent content creators fight online piracy without breaking the bank. Together, they imagined a digital army pairing AI-learning with individualized attention, and CopyrightSlap.com was born.