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Dušan (pronounced (Scooby) Doo Shawn) is a Serbian cheese expert.
Driven by his strong passion for theatre and acting, Dušan decided it would be best to get a degree in Engineering Management at the University of Novi Sad. After finishing the Filmmaking Diploma at The London Film Academy he completed an MA in Film and TV Production, Cambridge School of Arts - while also taking improv classes at The FA. If you search hard enough, you can find him giving out filmmaking tips with the glorious Kathryn Butt.

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3 Basic Directing Tips For Indie Filmmakers

3 Basic Directing Tips For Indie Filmmakers

Dear Filmmakers, It seems as though we have covered most of the industry roles in our videos and articles, except for one of the most important ones – directing! Kat and Dušan are back with their filmmaking tips and in this article we are going to list some...