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Danielle ‘DMo’ Oke is an Australian born artist and writer creating in film, art, music, and other creative streams. She is a produced scriptwriter and writer/director, and has also undertaken roles as producer, development writer, researcher, concept creator and editor. Her painting and video art has been exhibited internationally. She also writes and records as part of the music experiment project Cityless. Her creative studio is The Art Playground aka TAP.

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Dance On Film

Dance must be one of the oldest art forms in existence. In some ways, one could even say that our entire existence began as a cosmic dance that created life as we know it. If we fast forward to dance as the art form we recognize today, we see that every culture...

5 Tips From A Virgin Filmmaker’s 1st Time

I recently had the opportunity, thanks to Raindance, to go into production on my short film “Wake Up”. I’ve written a number of spec scripts, both short and feature-length, however this stands as my first produced screenplay. What was also new to me was that I...
Why The Controversy In A Same-sex Kiss?

Why The Controversy In A Same-sex Kiss?

When same-sex kissing is a regular, everyday occurrence for millions of people around the world, why does it cause so much controversy, especially when it’s put on a screen? Same-sex relations have occurred for millennia, across the multitudes of cultures, yet the...
A Life Creative in Australia: Believe You Can!

A Life Creative in Australia: Believe You Can!

Landing back on Australian shores last year, I felt a revitalizing energy fill me. I think it’s an energy one feels when they reconnect with their land of birth. To me the skies always feel bigger, the way the land feels vibrates within me differently, the smells from...