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BA (Hons) Film & TV London College of Printing, Raindance MA in Film . Col is an award-winning writer/director who started in non-fiction at the BBC and now works primarily in fiction: writing and directing feature films for the cinema. He also runs his own documentary consultancy business.

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5 Ways A Documentary Consultant Can Help You

When there’s a problem with your documentary do you just give up or struggle through alone? Well help is at hand through the services of the often under-used documentary consultant. Whereas it’s common practice in drama film production to call in a script editor to...
10 Big Mistakes Documentary-Makers Make

10 Big Mistakes Documentary-Makers Make

I made my first doc while in film school, and have been doing it ever since. Documentaries are flavour of the month now – people love real and true life stories. Docs are an easier way for emerging filmmakers to break in as the production costs can be lower than...

5 Simple Mistakes Documentary Filmmakers Make

Documentary makers know that there’s more to the art then just letting the camera roll. There are strategies to employ, and in choosing the right ones, there are mistakes to be made. Don’t get stuck in one (or more!) of the 5 mistakes documentary makers...