Brent Forrest & Tobias Schlage, Author at Raindance

About Brent Forrest & Tobias Schlage


Born in Montreal, Brent Forrest started his animation career at Red Rover studios in Toronto as a co-op student in 1999. There he learned the craft of animation from some of Canada’s finest draftsmen. He has won awards for both his animation and special effects work including a Gemini nomination for title design. Today he works as a Technical Director in one of Tokyo’s top animation studios.

Tobias Schlage

Born in Hamburg, Germany. In his years as a character animator and 3D generalist he worked in all areas of production creating extravagant visuals for film and television. Moved to Japan in 2015, to explore a new film making landscape, Tobi combined both German and Japanese film making techniques to create a unique style of grounded, emotional storytelling.