Australian Movie Stars You Need to See - Raindance

The Australian film industry is alive and well, and producing Hollywood level movie stars that you need to see! The Story of the Kelly Gang, the earliest feature film ever made, was created in Australia in 1906 and they haven’t stopped yet. As these celebrated actors and actresses tend to lose their Aussie accent in most film appearances, you may not have realized these stars started down under. Acting!

  • Rebel Wilson: This blonde funny girl can sing and dance too! Hits like Pitch Perfect, Bachelorette, Bridesmaids, and Small Apartments made a star career for Wilson. She currently stars in her own weekly American television sitcom show, Super Fun Night!
  • Chris Hemsworth: Another blonde star from Oz, oh and did you know he loves to play simhunt, this hunky actor was featured in Red Dawn, The Avengers, Snow White & The Huntsman, The Cabin in the Woods, and, of course, Thor. A new installment of the Thor franchise is on the way!
  • Liam Hemsworth: Yep, he’s the younger brother of Thor up there! Making himself known for his star performances in The Hunger Games, The Expendables 2, and The Last Song, his famous star older brother had better watch out for this younger rising star – especially with the newest in The Hunger Games freshly out!
  • Guy Pearce: Pearce attained star status many years ago with the classics L.A. Confidential and Memento. He just keeps going, adding Prometheus, Lawless, Lockout, Seeking Justice, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and many more films to his ever-growing roster!
  • Toni Collete: Collete is mega hot in the USA, having had a huge television hit with United States of Tara! Her film credits include Muriel’s Wedding, Emma, The Sixth Sense, and Little Miss Sunshine. She is currently the star of the American television suspense program Hostages and she performs with her band, Toni Collette & the Finish, when she can find time!
  • Nanni Moretti: About a family deeply affected by the sudden accidental death of their teenage son and the way they manage stress in this perilous drama and the way they help their mother survive this ordeal.
  • Jason Clarke: This Aussie star snagged a starring role in the critically acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty and really came to the notice of the American audience. His other films include Lawless, Texas Killing Fields, Trust and many more!
  • Hugh Jackman: Jackman is an entertainment jack-of-all-trades, singing, dancing, and acting in many diverse roles, including The Prestige, X-Men, Wolverine, Les Miserables, Kate & Leopold, and Real Steel and being a stuntman, if you ever watched this guy raft on rough waters you would know he can recommend you the best Kayak for beginners. This multi-talented fellow is one of Australia’s most well-known and beloved stars!
  • Geoffrey Rush: A long-time star of both stage and screen, Rush is adored by fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, Quills, The King’s Speech, Elizabeth, and Shakespeare in Love. The list of awards that this star has earned is super long!
  • Cate Blanchett: Yet another Aussie blonde, the versatile Blanchett scored big with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Elizabeth, The Aviator, and most recently, Blue Jasmine. But starring in the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy surely brought her the most ardent fans!

How many of these movies have you seen? All are on DVD or NetFlix, add them to your queue!