Art on the Internet: 10 GIF Artists to keep an eye on - Raindance

Yes, GIFs, those things that are basically moving memes. The GIF has transformed a great deal over the years, and we can no longer roll our eyes at the thought of them as anything more than something that makes us giggle on Tumblr. GIF is an art form of the digital age, and something that needs to be given more attention to a mainstream audience. So here we will name 10 GIF artists who are changing the world of digital images.


Hailing from a graffiti street art background, UK-based INSA takes progressive shots of murals he’s designing to show people his art come to life. Dubbed the ‘GIF-iti’ artist, his most recent project was hailed as the world’s largest GIF (Read here).


Lacey Micallef

A young GIF artist, who mostly makes cartoon GIFs, Micallef found fame through her Breaking Bad inspired GIFs. Using characters from the show, she creates her own 8-bit world full of Nintendo nostalgia.


James Myrick

Myrick first rose to ‘Internet fame’ sporting a spiral beard. Nicknamed Arctic Fox, Myrick is known primarily as an indie filmmaker, but he’s building a reputation in the GIF world now. Just look the image below.


Robin Davey

London-based Davey is a modern-day animator inspired by the mid-century illustrators. His animations are hypnotic and beautifully designed, and he has worked at big studios, such as Aardman and Nickelodeon.


Joe Maccarone

Here’s an artist to interest all you David Lynch fans. An illustrator from USA, Maccarone’s GIFs are hugely inspired by the eerie atmosphere of a Lynch film. So already there’s a post-modern GIF artist transcending from this new art form.



Mert Keskin, known in the art world as Haydiroket, has been an artist for almost two decades. Starting off as an artist for Demoscene groups, Haydiroket has since gained a huge following on Tumblr for his works with classic gaming characters. He is currently Tumblr’s own GIF editor.


Yang Hua Chun

A China-based animator who prefers hand-drawn images over CGI. Inspired by classical illustrators, Yang Hua Chun’s work portrays the imperfections of human nature. His drawings are astonishing, and would make Studio Ghibli proud.


Joe Hamilton

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Joe Hamilton uses interactive images to explore the engagement between technology and nature. His GIFs usually consist of a material object with a backdrop of something natural such as a river.

Paul Robertson

Considered in the art world to be the best 8-bit illustrator, Paul Robertson has gained worldwide fame for the Scott Pilgrim video game. Named after an Australian comedian, Paul Lynde, and popular cartoon cart, Garfield, Robertson has also found fame in making an opening sequence for The Simpsons. His biggest credit to date is animating for this summer’s Pixels.


Micael Reynaud

Reynaud is an award winning designer and stop-motion artist, who has taken on the world of GIF art by storm. His work involves him taking snippets from his previously produced work, and editing the images using various effects such as time-lapses and masking.


These are just some of the talented GIF artists who have gone beyond the expectations of a GIF, creating genuinely beautiful art that encapsulates the modern digital age. This is creativity at its best, refusing to play by the rules, and just going for it. The world of animation has just got a whole lot bigger.