About Raw Talent

Raw Talent is a new production initiative from Raindance. Led by Raindance founder Elliot Grove, Raw Talent wants independent films to thrive by enabling a filmmaker-centric approach to boost unique talent.

About Raw Talent Projects

We’ve produced 6 feature films that are out on distribution and film festival cycles.

About Raw Talent production slate

By filmmakers for filmmakers, Raindance Raw Talent intends to produceone to three feature films per year.

Have an idea that is unconventional, controversial, provocative? It may well find a home at Raw Talent. We accept edgy, socially relevant and intellectually/emotionally challenging projects. We welcome all genres, with the exception of blatant propaganda, while pornographic material should be avoided unless it explicitly serves the story.

Our only remits for submissions are passion for the project from the creators and the ability to work within our budgetary considerations with a mix of talented newcomers and established professionals.

About the Raw Talent Submission Route

Everyone can submit a script via our dedicated online application form. All we ask is that the script be in the English language with industry standard formatting. Length should be between 80 to 120 pages.

Though we prefer original concepts we will also consider adaptations providing all rights have been pre-cleared.

Submission of a script implies that all available rights can be transferred to Raindance Raw Talent unencumbered.

For standard submissions there is a £15/€18 fee. This should be paid in advance and is non-refundable so please ensure you are happy with your submission before pushing the send button.

If you’d like to fast track your submission the fee is £75/€90. This will not only reduce turnaround time of the submission but we will also provide a copy of the evaluation conducted on your script.

Where possible we will endeavour to explain our judgement to allow you to improve your project but unfortunately we cannot be drawn into dialogue.

Your submission is confidential. The Raw Talent team will not forward your information or script to anyone outside our  own team.

Fees should be paid via Pay Pal to rawtalent@raindance.co.uk

About the Raw Talent Production Approach

Budgets can range from £50,000 to £500,000 (including deferments).

Key crew members and leading actors will get a token cash fee and defer additional fees. Support crew members and day players will get a daily cash fee.

Raindance Raw Talent will only produce films made by a mix of experienced filmmakers and newcomers. We have designated 6 key functions: director, director of photography, production sound-engineer, art-director, editor, composer. A minimum of 3 of the previous have to be experienced professionals and either the director, or dop has to always be one of those.

Raindance Raw Talent will be the responsible producer. However other, outside, producers are welcome to become co-producers. Every production will employ an independent line-producer.

About the Raw Talent Funding

Funding of the cash budget will be undertaken by Raindance Raw Talent from a variety of finance sources.

Raindance Raw Talent expects the principal “driving force” – be it the writer, director, leading actor or any (other) combination, to provide 20% of the cash budget before start of principal photography.

Raindance Raw Talent will be open to financiers using tax shelter incentives. We will sparsely use film-subsidies as they tend to be aligned to unavoidable red tape, content approval and time delays.

About Raw Talent Films’ After Life

 Profits are shared with the key creators for a total of five years following a first public screening.

All films made receive a screening during the next upcoming Raindance Film Festival in London and Raw Talent has a ‘first look’ understanding with numerous sales agents and companies in Europe that will be utilised from an early stage of development.

Now let’s make some great movies!

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