A New Storyboard Artist - Raindance

Hi! I’m Scarlett and I’m currently training to be a Storyboard Artist. I’m a former pupil of Raindance. It has to be one of the most inspiring communities out there for creators and storytellers, which is why I’m reaching out to you now. As a Storyboard Artist (or at least during my journey to become one) I’d like to work with any aspiring filmmakers out there, to not only boost my portfolio, but to boost yours too.

A Storyboard Artist can really help bring your film, series, animation or short to life before you even begin filming. You’ll be able to see clearly how each scene would play out, depending on the feelings and actions of the characters, as well as engaging how an audience react with your project. It would save money, help the filming process and just make the project easier and fun. 

I haven’t had much experience with working on a film/series, I’ve currently only worked on my own projects during the course that I was doing, it was definitely a fun start to my practise and it’s so satisfying to see the story come together in the end. 

Usually how it works is that the SA would look at the script and make notes, they would then get together with the director and work through the script. Depending on the length of the script, this can potentially take several hours, so it’s good to make sure both the SA and Director have plenty of time to work through the script together. The SA will then take away the notes and make a Storyboard. Revisions are made and finally the SA will present the final Storyboard for the Director’s use. This is how it works to the best of my knowledge anyway! 

The best way to practise in filmmaking is to just keep doing it and this is exactly the same with Storyboarding. I really hope you’ll consider working with me to help me increase my skills and yours too! 

If you wish to find out a bit more information about me or to get in touch about potential projects, please contact me via the below: 

My Current Portfolio: https://bit.ly/2ABljS2
Website/Blog: scarlett-stories.tumblr.com
Facebook: scarlettstoryboards
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I'm Scarlett and I'm 28 years old originally from Dorset. I moved to London 6 years ago wanting to be an artist and ended up falling quite heavily into Office work. After a few years I decided to experiment with other areas I was interested in, which included directing, yoga, film-making and baking. It took until only the beginning of this year to realise that I wanted to tell stories, a Storyboard Artist fitted in so perfectly. So this year I did a Storyboarding Introductory Course and now I spend most days per week practising my art, as well as baking a good tart or cake, updating my blog and trying to master a headstand! After I get married at the end of the year I will be continuing everything I'm already doing, I lead a busy life and I enjoy every minute of it.