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Film production is not an easy task. There are certain things which should be followed in order to become a good film producer. Here we shall mention a few of the fundamental things about film production which should be known by the people aspiring to make their career in production. Read this film production guide and succeed!

  • Meal:

Take care of the needs of the crew while they are on work. Film production is a hectic task so while your crew is working; make sure to offer them a meal after every 6 hours. It is very important because only a calm mind with a full stomach will be able to work better.

  • Assumption:

Do not assume anything about your work. Before assuming, try this crazy method called asking. Assumption can distract a producer’s flow of work.

  • Crew:

In film production, the crew is the central figure around which an entire production revolves. It is highly recommended to hire a professional, well-disciplined, and best crew. Invest in hiring good staff. It will return you in a long run.

  • Attitude:

Attitude and tantrums have no place in work. Do not show attitude at work. Interact with the crew in a friendly manner and maintain a positive environment at work.

  • Ask:

There is nothing bad if you do not know anything. Ask your peers or even you can consult your crew. Learning is the key to production. You cannot know everything. So always show eagerness to learn the things you do not know about your work.

  • Plan:

It is recommended to plan the entire schedule of a day beforehand. Often there are many hours of daylight work so balance the time.

  • Delegation of duties:

It is highly recommended to delegate the task to competent and talented people who are committed and passionate to work. Identify the hardworking people in your crew and assign them important responsibilities.

  • Hard work:

Being a film producer, do hard work on set but work harder off the set to maintain the pre and post production things. Production demands your sweat and blood so keep working whether you are on set or offset.

  • Coherence:

In order to create the best out of production, the entire production team must be working with the same passion, commitment, devotion, and hard work to achieve a goal. There must be coherence between the team members. In short, when the frequency of all team members matches, you get the best outcome.

  • Love:

It is the most tested and tried philosophy that does what you love doing. Do not opt for anything half-heartedly. If your heart really wants to work on some story or want to produce a project that excites you then must do that. Do for the right reasons and there can be no better reason than love.

  • Communication:

Once you have devised an entire story into your mind, communicate it to your crew because it is the crew that will bring up the manifestation of your plan. Do not keep your planning with yourself. Share it with the crew. You may get a new idea that serves as an addition to your plan.

  • Curious:

Be curious about different dimensions of production. Always ask the senior people in production who have vast experience in the field. So do not hesitate to ask and maintain a learning attitude.

  • Treatment with crew:

Maintain a professional, disciplined, and friendly attitude with the crew. Take care of their concerns. In this way, you will get more staff as your crew will recommend your production company in their social circle.

  • Delay:

If any delay occurs in lunch or dinner meal due to any reason, communicate to your crew prior the delay. Otherwise you have to face the meal penalty.

  • Patience:

Try not to break anybody’s heart on set or off the set by any of your actions even if the situation is worse. Production requires immense patience. Be patient in unreasonable situations and do not react to the situation in rush. You cannot afford the work halt so maintain a positive environment.

  • Self-respect:

The self-respect of each individual of crew should be respected. Do not underestimate anybody’s work because of low position. Everyone on crew must feel considered and cared.

  • Pre-production:

Pre production deals with the planning of an entire project by categorizing it into chunks. It comes before the stage when proper production begins. So it is basically the pre-production on the basis of which the entire project operates. So focus on pre-production and work hard while planning. If pre-production is not done in the right way, production and post production can be terrible.

  • Stress:

Never ever release your stress by yelling at crew or fellow staff. Film production is a pressure game. Try to handle the pressure with patience and silence. Do not yell at people around you. It will affect the morale of team.

  • Mutual respect:

Before the production work begins, design the rules for entire crew. Each member must respect each other.

  • Decent:

Decency outplays the talent sometimes. So always remain decent with the crew. Do not show attitude because of your talent. Behumble, kind and decent.

  • Phone calls:

It is a digital age so every conversation is been done on phone calls. Production is a time taking task but manage the schedule in way that you can respond to phone calls within 24 hours.

  • Criteria:

If you want to maintain a positive, professionalsand working environment on set, then do not keep children and animals on set. Keep them away from the set otherwise there will be no more a working environment on the set and nobody would be able to perform up to their full potential.

  • Catering:

Try to get a good catering services. It will make the environment of set a bit happier.

  • Choice:

A producer is usually require to choose 2 things out of the three given options which are fast, cheap or good. There is no standard choice in it.Being a producer, choose the 2 options which matches the necessity of your project.

  • Marketing:

Nowadays people hire digital marketing companies for channelizing their production work. You can hire any company which you finds the best according to the nature of your work. There are some amazing companies of digital marketing in Dubai you can consult for channelizing your work.

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