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In the spirit of Christmas ask yourself this, “If Santa was a movie who would be his reindeer?” Hopefully, your answer will be “all of the amazing and vital people on a film set!” For a film to really be lifted off the ground and bring the gift of love, laughter, joy and any other emotion to its audience, it needs the help of some very important people on set. Here are Raindance’s 9 Reindeer on a film set. Trust me, this one will sleigh you!

1 & 2. Donner & Blitzen-Director & Cinematographer

Donner’s name means “thunder” in German and Blitzen’s name “lightning.” The director and the cinematographer on a film set work hand in hand in making sure the movie is booming, well lit, and looking fantastic. While the directors main job is to bring the script to life, the cinematographer (also known as director of photography) helps in making that happen by heading the cameras and lighting crew. They are definitely a dynamic duo!

3. Prancer-Producer

Like Prancer, film producers help to bring everything together before the actual production begins as well as during and after. They prance around before the film to help find the directors and sometimes even help in casting process.  Another important component they take care of: finding the money to fund the project. Every buck is deer to them!

4. Rudolph-Star

The stars in a film will hopefully shine just as bright as dear Rudolph’s red nose. While Rudolph was added to the original 8 of Santa’s reindeer, it is common for the actors and actresses involved to be added to a project later on. The team wouldn’t be the same without Rudolph just like a film wouldn’t be the same without all of the wonderful talent involved.

graphics-christmas-reindeer-8084735. Comet-Hair and Makeup

Did you know that Aristotle first used the word kometes to describe comets as “stars with hair?”The hair stylists and make-up artists on set are loved and adored by the talent as well as the audience just like Comet is adored and loved by his fellow Reindeer. Let’s face it, what would Jennifer Lawrence be without her hair and makeup in the Hunger Games?

6. Vixen-Editor

While Vixen is not one of the best known reindeer on Santa’s sleigh, Christmas definitely wouldn’t be the same without him. The same goes for an editor on a film set. Like Vixen, a film editor is the magic behind the movie. Do you really think Inception would’ve been the great hit that it was without a brilliant editor? Never forget how vital and important an editor is when watching a film.

7. Dancer-Choreographer

Remember the phenomenal dance number at the end of the Step Up 3 film? How about all of the epic fight scenes in some of your favorite action movies? During a dance movie, choreographers are definitely vital on set as well as in action films. Some of the very best fight scenes almost seem like a dance and that is due to the great choreographer.

8. Dasher-Runners

Runners are truly the dashers on a film set and play a very vital role. Runners help out on the set wherever help is needed. Heavy lifting, grabbing coffee, bringing elk-a-seltzer to actors with a tummy ache, anything! While it seems like an unglamorous job, they can make great connections with the people on set and move on up in the future.

9. Cupid-Caterers

You have been on set for the past few hours and you have begun feeling the pangs of hunger and fatigue. Then suddenly you feel energy and joy seep back in to your heart and you know you have been hit by cupid, the film cupid that is.  Food is necessary on a film set especially one in which the talent involved is getting paid little to nothing. Feeding your cast and crew will help to keep the love flowing, and the people have the lovely caterers to thank for that.


Santa_and_ReindeerAt the end of the day, Santa couldn’t get his work done without each and every one of his reindeer. If it was just one or even two the sleigh(film) wouldn’t come to life!

You need 9 Reindeers and sometimes more on a film set. Happy Holidays!


Shannon the Reindeer

This great post was written by Shannon Hemmings (above), one of our fabulous interns. Shannon also write a great tribute to Paul Walker that had several hundred thousand reads.



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