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The most important and uncomfortable part of film making is paying for it. Unfortunately bartering doesn’t get us very far these days  and things are only getting more expensive in the meantime. But, there are people out there who can help emerging filmmakers. Below are some organizations and production companies who are ready to help you come up with enough dough to get your project off the ground.

1. Bankside Filmsbankside film

Bankside Films is a film financing company in London committed to helping independent films of various genres and budgets. The company also helps filmmakers distribute their films internationally after completion. Founded in 2007, Bankside usually represents seven to ten films a year by offering executive producer services to different production companies. They have lots of great people to reach out to if you are looking for funding for your film, including Stephan Kelliher. Not only did he co-find the company back in 2007, but he also works closely with current filmmakers during the script stage and post production. http://www.bankside-films.com/home/

2. Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fundbritdoc

Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund is a joint effort between the Bertha Foundation and BRITDOC focusing on documentary work. It is the first European outreach and engagement fund and is committed to supporting ambitious independent documentaries showcasing powerful social issues. The Fund also offers grants ranging from £5,000 to £50,000 each year, and encourages applicants to apply more than once and to different categories each year. They have two separate applications periods per year. Find out more at their website: http://britdoc.org/real_funds/bertha-britdoc-connect-fund

3. Collabor8tecollabor8te

Callabor8te is a side project of Rankin Film Productions (RFP) and supplies funding to short films made in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  The RFP was only recently founded in 2011, but with the introduction of Callobor8te, many short films have been supported and then screened at festivals like Rushes Soho Shorts, Raindance Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival. The selection process is a bit grueling, but if your script is one of the eight picked up, you will receive a hand selected production team as well as the help of the RFP and Collabor8te staff. Follow this link for more application instructions: http://collabor8te.com/how-to-apply/

4. Creative Englandcreativeengland

Creative England offers several forms of funding for different kinds of projects. For Example, the Creative England Production Fund offers grants for both feature and TV length dramas and has over £2 million available to support filmmakers. Creative England’s goal is to bring the creative power of UK artists to the forefront and facilitate all the hard work that goes into it. They are looking for filmmakers who are experimental and innovative in their art. Check out more funding opportunities available at Creative England here: http://www.creativeengland.co.uk/story/funding-opportunities-available-in-march

5. Microwavefilmlondon

Film London is a non-profit organization that helps fund and screen independent films. Microwave is Film London’s financial branch, which has helped produce several critically acclaimed films, including Lifting by Hong Khaou and Plan B’s iLL Manors. Microwave also holds several contest and film competitions each year, offering substantial grants and in-kind support. But Microwave is also committed to more than just funding. Their goal is to inspire and train the next generation of filmmakers through supported hands on experience that allows young filmmakers to develop their craft and get noticed for it.  http://filmlondon.org.uk/

6. Into Filmintofilm

Into Film is a program for children ages 5-19 established by the collaboration of FILMCLUB and First Light. The goal of Into Film is to bring film based programs to children in the UK and abroad in order to both inspire children and give them a different perspective on the world they live in. Into Film also provides film making classes to school aged children, providing them with equipment and instruction needed to tell their stories. These programs also offer a beneficial outlet to children who struggle with their reading at early stages of education by taking the pressure off literacy through the written word and allowing children to express themselves through visual storytelling. Take a look at the website here:  http://www.intofilm.org/

7. The British Film Institute

The British Film Institute is one of the biggest financial supporters of independent film being the largest public filmBFI fund in the United Kingdom. Over £26 million of Lottery funds is invested each year by the BFI dedicated to the development, production and distribution of films. The BFI also supports independent organizations and distributers. They have several helpful outlets available on their website here: http://www.bfi.org.uk/film-industry

8. The Hubert Bals Fund

The Hubert Bals Fund is closely connected to the International Film Festival Rotterdam and supports filmmakersHBF2 from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Easter Europe in various stages of their work. These grants play a major role in the completion of many of these films. The Fund was founded in 1989 and since then has helped produce more than 1,000 independent films. Take a look at the website and grants available here: https://www.iffr.com/professionals/

9. Film Finishing Fund

Women in Film Foundation support films by or for women through cash grants and in-kind services specifically WIFthrough their Film Finishing Fund. More than $2 million has been awarded to over 170 films through the Film Finishing Fund including Cynthia Wade’s Freeheld. Their grants vary from year to year, but usually range between $1000 and $15,000 each year. In order to apply, 90% of the film must be completed with a rough cut available during the submission of the application. http://wif.org/ho

10. Shore Scripts Short Film Fund

The Shore Scripts Short Film Fund offers an opportunity for emerging screenwriters and filmmakers to have their   short film financed and produced. The Fund welcomes submissions from around the world. They accept short scripts, animations, and proof of concept shorts for TV pilots and features. The Fund awards a Production Grant of between $10-15K plus the use of free camera equipment rental from ARRI Rental. In 2020 Shore Scripts will be running two Film Fund contests.


More details can be found here: https://www.shorescripts.com/shortfilmfund/


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