8 iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

One of the major selling points for the iPhone 5S is its 5-megapixel camera that can shoot 1080p HD video. This hardware along with the right creative software can help many independent filmmakers create quality short films right from their mobile phone.
Below is a list of just a few iPhone and iPad apps that are perfect for creating a short film.

iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

1. iMovie

iMovie lets you make Beautiful HD movies on the go. The Fun and feature rich video-editing app is designed for both iPhone 4 and iPad. iMovie is the perfect way to capture your priceless vacation moment and have it published to the web before you return home. iMovie is not only for home movies. With iMovies in-depth editing features. Budding filmmakers can create complete short films, all from an iPhone4.

iPhone Apps For iphone Filmmakers

2. Movie Slate

This professional film and video production tool is the easy way to log footage and take notes as you shoo. Saving you valuable time later when capturing/editing, and creating reports. All at a mere fraction of a bulky digital clapperboard’s cost.

Making movies on your iPhone

3. Storyboard Composer

Storyboard Composer is the world’s first mobile story boarding application. No need to know how to draw no complicated programs to learn. You can have your first storyboard up and running in a matter of minutes. Storyboard Composer allows professionals and students to portray their vision to others in an easily controllable and transportable format. Click below to learn more about what features it has to offer and how it will assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

no camera? Use your mobile telephone to make movies

4. mRelease

Designed for filmmakers and photographers, mRelease makes getting releases easier than you ever thought it could be. Appearance Release (a.k.a. Model Release or Talent Release), Property Release, Location Release, and Crew Release are all included.

Once you have entered basic information about your shoot, for each release you just add some quick details about your subject, an image from the built-in camera or photo library, and get a touch-screen signature – it is that easy! The app creates, stores, and emails you a pdf file of the signed release, including the embedded photo of your subject.

iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

5. Sun Scout

Sun Scout shows you live what your phone’s camera sees, but augments the image with where the sun will be at each hour of the day. To see everything that might cast a shadow on you, simply sweep your phone across the sky from dawn to dusk.

Why go to film school when your can make movies on your mobile phone

6. Pro Remote

ProRemote provides users with 32 channels of remote control with real-time color metering and 100mm touch sensitive virtual flying faders (in the iPad version, 60mm in landscape and 40mm on the iPhone). Up to 16 faders can be controlled simultaneously on the iPad. We don’t exaggerate our claims to fader resolution or performance. ProRemote is the original and the best. We stand by that.

iPhone Apps For Filmmakers

7. FiRe 2

FiRe 2 will again revolutionize what you expect from a portable recording application. FiRe was the first iPhone recorder to display an accurate audio waveform in real time, the first to support markers, Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant downloading of files in multiple file formats. FiRe was the first application on any platform to offer native SoundCloud integration.

8. Scripts Pro

Scripts Pro is an easy-to-use screen writing application for the iPhone, iPod Touch AND the first and last iPad screenwriting app you’ll need! you can easily switch between each element of the script with is no cluttered interface or complex solutions to writing.