The 8 Most Badass Movie Beards Ever - Raindance

There is no doubt that a bearded face is far more attractive than a clean shaven one. Beards can hide secrets, show an air of enigma, make people look more trustworthy, attractive and above all, they can look very, very badass. The following list is a collection of beards from movies, ranging from small goatees to large, full-blown beards that fit the bill of being badass.

Seneca Crane

Seneca Crane comes from the heavily embellished Capitol of Panem. Being Head Gamemaker three years in a row for the notorious Hunger Games, he obviously needed some sort of flair to match that of the elaborately adorned citizens of the city. Remaining (comparatively) subtle, he dons a whimsical sort of beard, shaved to show a sort of flame pattern. Not to mention, the beard has a Facebook page and is absolutely real. Wes Bentley had it on even when running for errands! Honestly, for the Head Gamemaker of a sickening “game”, this look is rather fitting.

Pai Mei

Reportedly around a thousand years old, Pai Mei was a master of the Bak Mei and Eagle’s Claw styles of Kung Fu. Possibly the most badass one on the list, he ruthlessly trained three professional assassins. His name literally mean “white eyebrow”, probably due to the long, fluffy tufts of hair adorning the lower part of his forehead. As for his beard? Long, elegant and snowy white. Not only did he fight with it so effortlessly, he kept it extremely clean! Not a single spot of dirt could be found on his blinding white facial mane.


Whether he’s Gandalf The Grey or Gandalf The White, there is no doubt that he sports the most magical beard of all. Not only is he a powerful wizard, but also a member of the Istari order, and leader of the Fellowship of The Ring and army of the West. According to The Fellowship of The Ring, he is described as have a “long white beard and bushy eyebrows that stuck out beyond the brim of his hat.” Unfortunately, the beard is fake. However, such a grand and badass beard would have taken eons to grow. What Sir Ian McKellen was lucky enough to don, most men can only dream of.


No list about beards can be complete without mentioning Hagrid’s voluminous beard. The half giant/ half human dons a black beard so gigantic that, with the help of his mane, only half his face is visible. Gamekeeper and professor at Hogwarts, Hagrid is loved by all. His beard somehow gives him a docile, gentle giant type look, which fits him fine because that’s what he is! Fortunately for Robbie Coltrane, the beard was a fake, growing and taming such a large beard surely would have been tedious.
Jack Sparrow

A legendary pirate of the Seven Seas and trickster of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow is nothing short of a badass. Staying true to his character, he has a goatee that is worn in two little braids. Initially, wires we used in the braids but this idea was abandoned as the braids tended to stick up when Johnny Depp lay down. Embellished by beads, the little beard is hard to miss as it oozes character and flair.
Admiral General Aladeen

Tyrannical, sexist, racist, anti-western, anti-semitic, that’s the dictator, Admiral General Aladeen. He is loud and in your face, very much like his beard. Although he is not as “good” or righteous as most of the candidates in this list, he does sport a rather great and badass beard. It screams “don’t mess with me”.

Clubber Lang

Clubber Lang was mean, and so was his beard. Being Rocky Balboa’s opponent and the main antagonist in Rocky III. He was an undefeated champion and even knocked Rocky out in a match. However, unfortunately for him, he was defeated by Rocky in a rematch. He sports a large and very real “mutton chop” beard. One giant sideburn on each of his face is joined at the chin, completing an incredibly badass look for Mr. T.


Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman couldn’t be any more different from the character in the  DC comics. This Aquaman is to make his big debut in the 2017 film, Justice League. Tall, dark and handsome, this brooding character seems reluctant to join the Justice League. However, there is no doubt that he’ll steal the show from his comrades. Being the slightly darker character and the only in the team sporting a badass beard, he’ll win audiences over in a heartbeat