So Halloween’s around the corner and it wouldn’t be fair to just let it slide by. This is going to be a scary list for those with certain phobias…of certain unspeakable creatures. Hint: They are venomous, have fangs, eight legs and eight eyes! I know what I am dressing up as on this Halloween party!

Let’s take a look at the list of movies about these very sinister creatures!

  1. Arachnophobia(1990)


South American Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula 

This movie is a true depiction of how scary spiders can actually be! It’s about a species of spiders, native to Venezuela, that are transported to America by means of a coffin – where they start to breed rapidly and kill too! The giant spider who is the Venezuelan General is played by the South American Goliath Bird-Eating. While the smaller, soldier spiders are the New Zealand Avondale Spiders.

avondale newzealand

New Zealand Avondale Spider

Although they look really creepy, Avondale tarantulas are friendlier in real life and hardly ever known to bite. But the scenes in the movie! Specially at the end where they have taken over Dr. Ross Jennings’ house (completely infested and nested it) is just plain icky! The new found spider species that they play in the movie though are supposed to be so venomous that their poison could kill you in five seconds!

2. Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo(1977) 


 American Rose Hair Tarantula  

One of the very first movies made about spiders! A plane from South America is flying with a lot of tarantulas, lots and lots of Rose Hair Tarantulas! In stowaways. They hijack the plane when it is flying over California, it crashes and the spiders get out, causing havoc in the unlucky city! They kill many people with their poison and take over the only factory found in town – they’re defeated – oddly enough by listening to the sound of buzzing bees. This movie needs a remake! Anyone?

3. Dr. No(1962) 


This movie is not exactly about Tarantulas but it has a huge one in it! And it’s supposed to be super poisonous. It’s a Bond movie too! It’s a case about a disappearance related to the U.S Space Program. There’s a scene where this giant spider, is on bond and he has to lie still for a while, scared out of his wits till the brown and poisonous spider gets off him and meets his timely death! Yes bond, kill them all! Not sure which type this is though, looks like a Rose Hair again, no?

4.Tarantula (1955)


So this one is about a spider that has escaped from a deserted lab which was experimenting on gigantism. Now this spider grows enormous in size! The movie was made right around the time when Godzilla (1954) came out and King Kong (1933) was already popular. The giant spider didn’t really work though, half the terror is in its small size – the monster looked sloppy. It was a weird movie but boy did it have the best posters!

5. Something Wicked This Way Comes(1983)


This movie was based on the awesome Ray Bradbury novel by the same name. The screenplay was also written by Bradbury. The movie is not about Tarantulas but they play a scary part in it! So these two teenagers tick off a demon in an evil circus as a result of which he haunts them in their dreams! Science fiction fans say what! When the boys wake up from their nightmares they land into an even worse reality where their rooms are infested by tons and tons of spiders! They’re literally EVERYWHERE. On the sheets, on the door, on the floor, on the wall, on the bed, on the boys! You name it. Eeeh!

6. Home Alone(1990)


 Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird-eating Tarantula  

This movie won the hearts of millions of Americans when it first came out and wasn’t Macaulay Culkin just adorable in it? Now the tarantula only plays a little role in it but a still nothing short of memorable! When Pesci and Stern get closer to grabbing Culkin in the movie, he releases his brother’s pet (which I am guessing was a Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird-eating Tarantula) on them! Which lands on Stern’s face and he lets out that immortal scream, if only there was an award for the best scream ever. As he frantically throws the spider away, it makes it way to Pesci. In an attempt to kill the nasty thing, Stern hits Pesci in the chest with a crowbar! The whole sequence is hilarious. For once, the tarantula is on the right side, which is why he survives.

7. The Beyond(1981)


 Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

This Italian horror movie has achieved the status of a cult classic in America. It begins with a mob “crucifying” an innocent man. This incident causes a portal from Hell, to open up. Parallel to this, a young girl inherits an old Louisiana hotel and goes through a lot of unexplained paranormal incidents, only to realize that the hotel was built over the same portal to Hell that has now opened up. Where are the spiders you say? Wait up.

In one scene, a librarian is shocked by lightning and drops from a ladder, after which he faints. All of a sudden dozens and dozens of giant spiders (Mexican Red Knee Tarantulas) gather round him and eat his face away! The sound effects on this scene just made you cringe, you can literally hear them chew his face off! Ugh!