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Here’s a list of 7 more apps filmmakers, both newcomer or seasoned veteran, may want to consider getting their hands on. [Look at our first list here]

Filmmakers yet again are treated to revolutionary software that can be accessed with just the touch of a finger.

With the development of several new technologies for location scouts all the way up to cinematographers and directors, smart app developers have provided something for everyone.  Although the prices vary, you truly get what you pay for.

Pcam, the filmmakers app
1.  Pcam- 29.99

A cinematography and still photography calculator designed for the whole team.  Photographers, directors of photography, camera operators, art directors, production designers and more should consider this pricy but extremely effective app.  Originally created by a first assistant camera, Pcam is intended to provide its users with a quality depth of field measurement.  It does all sorts of formats from 16mm to 35mm as well as RED One to 2/3’’ HD chips.  Not surprisingly, Pcam is capable of doing much more.  The app can also do the field of view, running time, HMI safe speeds along with aiding with the filters and lighting illumination.  So what makes Pcam so much more special than all of the other apps of its kind?  While many categorize it as a photography app, Pcam provides users with a hi-res graphical interface that is both easy to use and calculate.

dslr slate, an app filmmakers should consider

2.  DSLR Slate- 9.99

Comparable to the Movie Slate app, DSLR slate includes a color chart and running timecode along with the basic items such as Scene, Take, Framerate, Director and more.  The app further includes items specifically made for DSLR such as Shutter Speed, White Balance, Aperture, ISO Speed, Lens, and filter.  Due to its inclusion of several functions, the basic items editors use are only visible in the actual slate mode.  However, once the camera gets rolling, the app’s “quick burst” feature starts up displaying all items within a matter of a couple of seconds.  As put by the makers, “this allows the camera to “see” each item for at least a few frames, ensuring that all of your information will be captured by the camera”.  Upon conclusion of the “quick burst” feature, Visual/Audio sync sets in reinstating the traditional Scene, Take, Framerate items, ending the slating process.

animation creator is an app that should be considered
3.  Animation Creator- 1.99

Let your imagination run wild in this unique and affordable app.  Offering infinite frames, animations and several compelling drawing tools (several brushes, color palettes, line drawers, ink, pencils, etc.), Animation Creator combines high-resolution retina drawing with striking retina interface.  Special features such as “onion skinning” allow for an overall smoother animation by presenting what was drawn in the last frame right under the drawing of the current frame.  Furthermore, following the completion of your work, the app’s full screen editing and easy to export functions allow for a satisfying final project which can be simply uploaded onto popular sites such as YouTube,Twitter and Facebook.

lumify an app to be considered for the filmmaker
Lumify Movie Studio- Free

Geared more towards the first timer, Lumify Movie Studio lets you shoot in 1080p HD with video stabilization.  In other words, no quality is lost by choosing to record with the app.  The software is easy to use and will walk the user right through the process if need be.  Features consist of slowing down or speeding up playback, 15 different filters, 3 environmental effects and a multi-track audio mixer that can record and overlay additional audio track to your movie.  The tracks can be synchronized to the visuals, and the volume of the soundtrack can be set to each scene independently.  At the end of it all, Lumify gives the option of allowing the user to do the trimming manually or letting the software step in and automatically do it on its own.

myWeather is an app useful for filmmakers
5.  myWeather- Free

Although this app technically does not pertain to film, myWeather can be very useful to the shooting of the film.  Because the app allows you to get weather anywhere in the world, instant weather updates can be provided for wherever you are.  In addition to this feature, notifications for severe weather alerts can be accessed as well as the ability to monitor your locations through the interactive radar and satellite maps.  The app is not only free but permits unlimited saved locations.

artemis is an app filmmakers must consider
6.  Artemis- 29.99

The price may be alarming, but many swear by this app.  Working in a similar way to the traditional viewfinder, Artemis vows to be more accurate while containing several features making it all the better for scouting and storyboards.  Frame lines are supplied depending on your lens size and aspect ratio.  Naming a few, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, 65mm; Digital Cameras include ARRI Alexa, RED MX, Sony F5, F55, F35, etc; High Speed Digitals include Phantom and Weisscam.  Artemis also includes a custom camera feature allowing the app to be matched with almost any camera system.

matchlens is a highly useful filmmaking app
7.  MatchLens- 9.99

Directed more towards the “professional industry”, MatchLens is capable of calculating the counterpart field of view of one lens focal length to another despite them having different sensor sizes.  Users are able to access the information rather quickly and can also select their aspect ratio if they choose to do so.