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Do you wish to be a film director? The film industry is growing rapidly as the world becomes more connected, expanding the global film market. For you to tap into this market, you’ll require tested and proven skills that stand out from other filmmakers. These tips will help you advance your filmmaking career.

1) Try an internship program

An internship at a young age offers you an excellent opportunity to kick-start your filming career. You are likely to meet your future partners during your internship, not to mention gaining soft skills such as networking, event management, time management, and productivity.

Filming is better learned through apprenticeship, and an internship program provides an environment full of talented and experienced mentors and tutors.

2) Set your own goals and expectations

The first thing you have to do is become your number one fan. Set goals and expectations, get out there, practice your skills, then watch and review the outcomes. Do they meet your expectations? If not, then get back out there and try again. Set a goal for each skill, and handle it separately. Your cinematography, editing skills, or creativity should be ironed to perfection.

3) Take a film course

An arts degree in film gives you a professional qualification in the film industry. Additionally, you will gain a lot of experience and learn many skills from qualified professors. Today, a bachelor’s degree in arts is the international minimum entry in the film industry.

4) Market your art

Marketing is a crucial skill that most filmmakers overlook. As a filmmaker, you have to develop a marketing strategy that will get your art to your fans. This can be challenging, especially when getting started.

The first step is setting up a social media presence by sharing your work with friends and fans. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great places to build a fan base.

5) Practice makes perfect

Filming is the only sure way to monitor your progress and improve on mistakes. Look around you; there are many stories to be told. Keep filming one short movie after another, and with time, you will reach perfection.

Additionally, do not be afraid to play with lenses. For you to understand which lens works best under certain conditions, you have to keep trying them in different settings.

6) Watch hundreds of videos

You are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but watching other people’s work broadens your perspective. Watching videos, including behind-the-scenes features, can educate you on film techniques like staging, blocking, and more.

Tutorial videos also come in handy, and thanks to YouTube and social media, you can access a library of online video tutorials for free. This is also the right time to pick a mentor in the industry and follow their steps.


Filmmaking takes time, dedication, and commitment to master. If you put in the work and effort by following the steps above, you might just be the next Emmy Award-winning film director.

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