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If you are applying for a job or thinking of trying something new, wherever you go, the most important thing you will need is a film portfolio. A portfolio is something that gives others an introduction and idea of you and your work without you having to say anything. Even in interviews, you would not get started until you submit your portfolio. Unlike normal portfolios, which are printed on a piece of paper and have basic information like your name, date of birth, education, and your previous work, film portfolios are way different from these.

 Film Portfolios include short films or showreels. These are the assets for your portfolio. When you are trying to build your film portfolio, you need good videos that are creative and interesting, making people want to go through more of the work you have done.

Now, why are these portfolios necessary? If it is a regular job, you can tell them what you know in a face-to-face interview, but if you want to become a part of the film industry, you cannot just say things. You have to show them what you are capable of doing. This is why you need a film portfolio to showcase all of your videos and short films. Based on your portfolio, clients who are interested in your work may hire you. Taking videos and putting them in your portfolio, sounds easy right? But behind all of this, there are a lot of things you need to do and consider before making your showreels.

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Here are a few useful tips to help you build your film portfolio:

Choose the right platform

Building your portfolio might be easy but choosing the right website to create your portfolio is not. Many websites let you build awesome portfolios from scratch, but you would need to choose one with multiple themes and is easily customizable. You would also need a lot of tools and features that really help you bring out your artistic voice just in the form of videos. In short, you would need to choose a platform like Pixpa. There is nothing that can go wrong with this platform. You can get started with a 15-day free trial and play around with all the things you need to create a portfolio the way you like. You can always check out other websites and compare between different platforms. Just make sure you choose one that aligns with your preferences and goals.

Make your mark

There are many roles in the film industry, and each role has its own importance. Like a CV or resume, whatever you strive for, the related work must be in your portfolio. Say, if you are engrossed in becoming an actor, you have to showcase your acting skills. If you are interested in becoming a filmmaker, you have to give them samples of your work which shows them your directing skills and how you can capture perfect shots. If you are entering this field, you have to create your own identity, something that you’re good at. Selecting a niche and making videos of that particular niche gives you an advantage because you’ll know what you’re good at, and if you are good at something, it is easier for you to get something out of it. For example, let’s say you like the horror genre. That means if you are directing a film, it should have some good horror elements. After all, horror movies aren’t only filmed in dark rooms with fake blood, right?

When you are filming a video for your portfolio, make sure it is not more than 3 minutes because executives or clients need to deal with many portfolios, including yours. If your video is too lengthy, there might be a chance of skipping your portfolio and moving to the next. So, always plan for a short and striking concept.

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Create a YouTube channel

Try starting your own YouTube channel. In a world full of YouTubers (competitors), make yourself stand out from the others. You cannot put everything you do on your portfolio. So, try putting it somewhere else, and what better place to upload it than on YouTube? YouTube is a free platform that helps young talented artists showcase who they really are and prove themselves. You can upload any kind of video, be it short films, musical videos, dance performances, and many more. Moreover, you can add links to some of the finest YouTube videos on your portfolio. You can even upload lengthier film videos on YouTube that tell the world that you have the ability to do any kind of stuff.

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Entering the film industry is not just building your portfolio and waiting for clients to reach out to you. You have to create your own opportunities whenever and wherever possible. Opportunities do not come often and when they do, use them to the fullest. Working in commercials, making stock videos to sell online, and creating other video marketing content as a freelancer will boost your confidence. You can also use them in your portfolio. Clients mostly hire people who have already done some projects. Since they can see that you’re experienced, they will think you would be easy for them to work with. So, what are you waiting for? Let the search for freelance work begin!

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Harness the power of social media

Use the power of social media to the fullest. There is no better way than social media that can get you the reach you need. You never know who might be watching your work and accounts on various social media platforms to help you connect with those clients. You can also get connected with people who are already working in your preferred niche. Social media makes it easy for everyone and everything, connecting with others, advertising your business and work, gaining recognition, and whatnot. Just a single account on any social media platform can do wonders. If you are lucky enough, there can even be a chance that a majority of clients you work with will come from social media. So, start treating your social media like your portfolio.

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Take part in contests

Participating in a 48-hour film project is a fun and entertaining way to complete your portfolio. Now you might be thinking about what a 48-hour film project is. It is a contest conducted in various cities where participants in teams select a genre and shoot a film in 48 hours. Sounds interesting, right? They can film any concept based on the selected genre. The best film will receive a cash prize, an award, and the film premiered in local theatres. How cool is that? You may think about whether all this is necessary, but you can learn a lot from this single contest. Plus, you get to meet and work with others in the same industry which is a huge bonus because you never know which connection may lead you to direct chances. Many contestants who won this contest used this as an asset to get paying work.

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Having an online portfolio is a must nowadays. Visuals will speak volumes about who you are as a person and what value you provide with your work. Building your portfolio on Pixpa will complement everything about you and your work and help you bring out your true artistic self. With tons of features, you can sense the true feeling of freedom while building your film portfolio with nothing to hold you back. What are you waiting for? Get working on your portfolio right away!



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