6 Things Filmmakers Can Learn From Kids - Raindance


camera kidOh, the sweet sound of childhood! When nap time was a requirement and the sharing of lollipops could start the very best of friendships. When two people could play Legos for hours and never get bored then somehow find enough energy to run outside and play with all of the pirates, aliens, ponies, and anything else that came from their wild imaginations. Let’s face it, there comes a time when we wish, even for a moment, that we could go back to being a kid. Being a kid was easy, fun, and filled with laughter and joy. Shouldn’t making films be the same? Here are 6 things I believe Filmmakers can learn from kids!


One of the greatest things about being a kid is having a large and wild imagination! Give an adult a stick and ask them what it is, more than likely they will say a stick. Ask a kid and they might say a number of things: a sword to fight off warriors, a wand to turn a flower into a kingdom, and the list goes on and on. The imagination of a child stretches far beyond reality and so do the very best of films. As a Filmmaker, try to think outside of the box and out of the ordinary! The very best stories come from a wild and active imagination and the possibilities aren’t just one, they are endless.


When a kid has an instinct, they run with it, no questions asked! If they feel as if a pot of gold is waiting for them at the end of the rainbow, they will try and reach the end of the rainbow, no matter how many people tell them it’s not true. If a Filmmaker believed in their work or ideas as much as a kid believed they could find a pot of gold, they would have the confidence to create a brilliant piece of work! Trust your gut and go with it, sometimes it may not always pave the prettiest way, but at the end of the day you and your projects will grow up, just like kids do.



Remember running around your backyard like there was no tomorrow? Maybe you have kids or know kids that do the same exact thing! Kids love to run around and explore. It could be at a park, a mall, a playground, anywhere! They observe people, animals, nature, and everything around them with such beautiful and pure appreciation. When trying to think up a script people tend to sit down by a table and try their very hardest to come up with an idea or to stretch their idea to no avail.  Sometimes one can forget that the world around them is huge and vast and filled with more future ideas, characters, and places than they can think of. Go out and explore!


Go ahead, if you haven’t already, and look back at those super cute and embarrassing kid photos of yourself. Were you rocking those high-waisted pants, bright clothing, or maybe even a cute little fro? While you might look back at those pictures now and cringe as a kid you probably couldn’t care less! Kids are unafraid to be original and to stand out in a crowd. They play to the beat of their own drum and they make anything they do fun and interesting. Filmmakers can take a huge lesson from kids and do the same. Be original, stand out, and have fun! Check out this super cute video of a little girl completely unafraid to make a tap dance her own.


NETWORKING networking

Think back to how you made your very first best friend. Was it during an intense coloring book session or maybe the time you decided to dig into your little brown lunch bag and share half of your PB&J? Making friends can be a very easy thing when you are a kid. You don’t think too much about what people think of you and you are unafraid to approach anyone. Go out and network! Meet people who are interested in making film and become friends. Who knows, that might be your next Director, Producer, or Editor!


When a toddler first falls he or she just might let out a cry. The parent picks them up and tells them it’s alright and then they go on about their business. It’s so easy to make a mistake especially in the field of entertainment and film but it’s important to remember no matter how many times you fall, you have to get right back up. The only way you can truly learn to make movies is to actually pull out a camera and make them. Your films will only get better and better and you yourself will continue to grow as a filmmaker.

While growing up is a wonderful journey, one should never forget all the valuable lessons of childhood. A time where the imagination flourished and networking was a piece of cake; Filmmakers should find their inner kid and begin making the films of their wildest dreams.