Summer Film School For Directing And VR Raindance Film Festival

Starting on the 28th of July, Raindance launches an eleven day hands-on summer film school. Participants will write, produce and direct their own narrative short, plus come to grips with the creative challenge of working with virtual reality.

6 Reasons Attending Summer Filmmaking School Makes Sense

A thousand pounds is a whole lot of cash, so we want to make sure you know why we are offering this course, and what it is you can expect to benefit from this fortnight in London.

1.You will make movies!

If you want to drive a car, you drive a car. You don’t sit in a lecture room listening to a professor telling you how you drive a car!

You’ll start shooting on the very first day! That’s because at Raindance we don’t teach filmmaking – we make filmmakers.

2. You will get a Directing Masterclass

We charge £323.00 for this 2-Day Directing masterclass with Ate de Jong. You may not know who Ate is, but he is the director of the British cult classic Drop Dead Fred. He has also directed 20 other features in Hollywood, in Europe and in the UK.

Don’t miss this chance to study with a master. And this weekend masterclass is included in the course fee. Ate de Jong will illustrate his masterclass with clips from his multiple-award winning films.

3. You will participate in a Virtual Reality Masterclass

Virtual Reality and Immersive cinema are the hotter than hot keywords right now.

The second weekend you will participate in an industry-standard VR masterclass with Johnny Johnson. In it you will be introduced to current industry best practises and theory. But more importantly you will make two VR shorts.

4. You will be mentored by industry professionals

All Raindance tutors are filmmakers first, and teachers second. Most film schools employ teachers who aren’t filmmakers. Not at Raindance. Not only are all of our tutors filmmakers, but they can teach. You will also get several sessions with Raindance founder Elliot Grove, Raindance’s own Filmmaker-in-residence Harvey Puttock, and course leader Charlotte Knowles. This in addition to the masterclasses with Ate de Jong and Johnny Johnson.

5. You will learn how to make artificial fingers

And how to ‘shoot’ your actors without hurting them! Each Tuesday and Thursday evening you will join the rest of the Raindance crew for classes ranging from film finance, legal contracts to shooting with a DSLR and how to make low budget special effects with one of the industry’s top SFX artists.

6. And you’ll get lunch!

Nowhere else in the Raindance eco-system do we serve lunch. Except at the Hands-on summer Film School. Now don’t expect curries and cordon bleu. You’ll be given fuel, not food. Filmmaking is an energy-sapping exercise, and your lunches will be working lunches designed to power you up for the rest of the day.



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