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Making and writing a film is an art, and this art has evolved. It is not an easy task; you cannot bring a paper or pen and gather actors. Although a film is about a story and actors, there are other things besides it. First you have to brainstorm great film ideas.

You have to learn the art of film making before you jump into it. And you have to learn this art by doing research. You have to look at other people, and how they are pursuing this art with elegance and intelligence. Back then, movies were telecasted on television, but it is a time of the internet. And people have shifted from watching television to spend time on the internet. But that does not mean that people have stopped making films or now film making has came to end.

The thing that has changed over time is how the movies are making created and directed. Now, most people are internet users, and they are far more realistic than they were in the time of television and the black and white picture era.

In this time, when social media have made advancement, and the people are screaming for visual content, it is an old school thought to create a film with no visual beauty. But people have changed the mindset of directors and writers has changed; now, they do brainstorming before they create something. And brainstorming is now a necessity when there are so many options people can avail of at one time.

Now everybody is having their own remote which is the form of a mobile phone, and they can switch to anything anytime they want. Nobody is bound to watch a single channel as people used to be in times of television. There are so many options now, and because of it, the movie makers have stepped out of their comfort zone.  And they are doing amazing experiments to raise the bar.

If you want to brainstorm for some great film ideas, you can go through the following facts!

1) Create short films

People now are very busy, and they rarely get to spend family time. And because of this, the trend of long films has changed into short films. Everybody is engaged in their job and stuff, so it is difficult especially, to spare time and watch a three-hour-long movie. Therefore, it is more suitable to make a short film instead of going for 2 and half hour long movie.

As people love watching short films, it is a great idea for a present filmmaker to do shooting of a short story. But it should consist of all the key elements a short movie has. Short films never let the viewer feel weary, and they would never think of leaving the film, in between because of boredom.

2) Get inspiration from other mediums

Sometimes you have the story, but you feel the lacking of spicy. And it because you are short of ideas. Creating an idea is a different thing, and besides natural talent, it also requires proper research. If you do a lot of research, you can meld old things and make something new out of them. And this is what an artist is supposed to do. If you are creating a film, you have to look at other movies too.

 Every individual is unique in their way, and because of this, you can see diversity in movies and other stuff. To make something big and different, you have to look at the diversity people are creating. And this is not possible until and unless you spend time watching movies of other writers and directors.

If you want your creative juices to flow, take inspiration from other movies and sources of entertainment. It will not only help you in generating great ideas but will change your perspective as well. When you have a collection of diverse perspectives, you will brainstorm some brilliant ideas for your movie.

3) Select a genre and add a twist to it

A plain simple story will never get successful, until and unless you have put an effort to make that story interesting. There is always a space for brainstorming for simple and complex stories. And you have to put the effort into making great ideas for your movies before you portray them on a bigger screen.

First, you have to select a genre for your story; it can be horror, comic, or detective. After selecting, the genre, do not let your story go with a flow. Rather, add twists to it. Because offering a plain dish with no garnishing can make it dull and boring. Adding twists and turns will make the movie more engaging and interesting.

You can add a twist by mixing the two genres in one story. It is in practice, and people enjoy watching such movies. As horror and comic genres are two poles apart, but you can combine theM. Make a plot where both of them can go side by side. It is a classic way of adding a twist to a basic and uncomplicated storyline.

You can also add a twist by adding subtitles for movies, and it will increase your viewership. Although the idea is different, people love this twist.

4) Go way overboard

By going overboard means coming out of your comfort zone. Sometimes the ideas you are generating are not fascinating to the viewers. And in that case, you have to go overboard. It helps you look at the other side of the picture, and it is always fun to do something beyond your imagination.

For this purpose, you can take a regular boring character and put that character in extreme possible situations. It will help you to come up with something unique. And it is a wonderful idea to cross the limit of your imagination.

5) Do experiments on new locations

The location of the movie holds great importance. And it is one of the reasons behind the success of some great ideas. When you select a different location, you get to brainstorm other things. Like if you make a movie about a person living in a rural area, you get to see other things. You observe other stories written on the walls of those places. While the mountain and hills have nothing to say other than portraying beauty and nature.  



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