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“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”  and so did the characters below in memorable and entertaining style…


1. “Come on” he cried. “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you.” – Sam and Frodo – The Lord of the Rings

Starting the list with one of the most eternal and brutally tested friendships ever written on the page or told on the screen: Sam Wise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins. This enduring friendship survives all the evil the world can throw at them, a remarkable story of two men so loyal and invested in one another that their own vices cannot separate them.

Frodo is so damaged by his journey that he nearly pushes his best friend away on numerous occasions. Yet Sam knows that this is not his friend, and simply the burden of the ‘One Ring’, that has so tightly gripped Frodo. In truly heart-breaking fashion, they are separated. Sam, although sad, knows what is best for his friend, and accepts this, as a friend must. The ever-lasting words of Sam that they are carrying on for the good in the world embodies the friendship: they are carrying on, for each other.


2. “Oh, darlin’, I’m so happy for you. That’s great. I really am. You finally got laid properly. That’s so sweet.” Thelma and Louise – Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise in Ridley Scott’s 1991 film are in an essence opposite. Louise is a strong individual that seemingly mothers her friend, Thelma, who is trapped between adolescence and adulthood in the movie. They have a friendship entirely based on desire, which is what makes them so admirable and memorable. The pair are just having fun on the road, discovering the world and each other along with it.

Thelma and Louise go through so many moments together, ups and downs, and us the audience only crave such a strong connection. The bond the two have is noted for its feminist connotations, as the women break way from societal constraint. The bond is so strong, that in fact it takes the very title of the movie. However, it is the sheer lack of masculinity in the film’s ironically uplifting ending that makes it stand out. The two seek merely to be with each other at their demise.

This film foregrounds female friendship and solidarity by resisting their romantic relations with men, and further increasing the love they have for one another.


3. “He might as well be a bucket.” – R2D2 and C3PO – Star Wars Series

R2D2 and C3PO are our only robots on the list and act as old bickering men throughout almost the entire Star Wars canon. They have known each other far too long and seemingly cannot stand/roll each other at times. In fact they have appeared together in 8 of the 9 movies, more than any other character. The scene that stands out from my childhood, and embodies the partnership, is when the pair find themselves lost on Tattoine.

Threepio cannot believe his astromech friend’s mission from Princess Leia and they become separated only to find themselves in more trouble. However they have been through pretty much the entire galaxy together and the companionship does not waver, nor does their loyalty. Quite a social media storm has surrounded their friendship, from necklaces to a “Just The Two Of Us” music video. C3P0 and R2D2, whether they like it or not, are best friends.

It is a shame that out of the robotic costumes it is said Daniels and Baker did not like each other at all. We can all still hold on to the most human unbreakable friendship in the galaxy.


4. “We have decided how sad it is that other people cannot appreciate our genius.” – Juliet and Pauline – Heavenly Creatures

Undoubtedly the most chilling of the set, Winslet and Lynskey perform the roles of two schoolgirls who have a powerful yet tragically psychotic friendship. The story of the schoolgirls that shocked a nation leaves you somewhat terrified at what you have witnessed, in the dangers of friendship. Young females who find comfort from their isolation in each other become increasingly deluded as the movie continues. As the delusion grows, so does this inseparable bond of lust and friendship. They seek a friend, but find a partner. The two grow together and discover parts of themselves within the companionship; they truly are the best worst friends ever.

The lesbian tendencies in the movie and the true story was never confirmed, but we do see a development in their friendship that none of the other friends on the list would wish to match. The young childish relationship at its early stages is, and I say this cautiously, a loving one.

Although the chilling subject matter does somewhat retract from the following point, the basis of the friendship is a relatable one. Somebody that understands you so perfectly, and elevates you so highly is a friend we would all seek. Forget the tragic, and mentally unstable backdrop… right?


5. “All we are is dust in the wind, dude.” – Bill and Ted – Bill and Ted Series

Finally on the list are two metal head time traveling slackers who are rather “excellent” friends. Bill and Ted’s friendship is so memorable because they have a seemingly perfect affinity to understand one another. Although the pair is awfully innocent, they do struggle academically considerably.

Unbeknownst to them, the music that Bill and Teds band make, the “Wyld Stallyns”, will become the principal point for the creation of a future utopian society. Which is “bodacious”. Rufus is sent back in time to assure the boys finish school and achieve what is needed for the future to become secure. They have conquered many platforms from animated TV shows, video games and even comic books.

With the third instalment of the series having started pre production in May 2018, it looks like Bill and Ted’s friendship is just beginning to blossom. Bill and Ted are an extremely loveable duo. They have an undying message, commanding all to be “excellent to each other”. The mutual dim wittedness only makes the friendship stronger, and thankfully so, as the fate of humanity rests on them.



Sam is an English and Film undergraduate at the university of Reading. He currently works as an intern for the Raindance Film Festival. Before his current position Sam completed work experience with various independent film companies and 'Aardman Animation'.
His favourite film for the 10th year in a row is still Pulp Fiction.