Giving Your Film More Exposure | Raindance Film School

Creating a film can be a wonderfully fulfilling project. However, your work isn’t done when the editing wraps up. You need to ensure that your labor of love will be seen. If you want advice in this area, here are five tips for giving your film more exposure.

1) Utilize Social Media

The moment your film is able to become a reality, you should be utilizing social media. This is a form of advertising that can be used without having any promotional material. All you need to do is create specialized accounts and post updates. Start by deciding what platforms you’ll use. You can do this by figuring out what your target audience utilizes. Next, make detailed accounts for your film. Provide information about the plot, release and collaborators. The last and most important step is to post on a regular basis. Since social media is abundant with marketing posts, you’re more likely to be remembered if you have consistent updates. If you’re uncertain as to your ability to post regularly, you may want to hire sales professionals.

2) Make a Teaser Trailer

Making a teaser trailer is an essential way to promote a film. In fact, it should be one of the earliest things you create in terms of promotional content. The video should be around fifteen to sixty seconds long, and you’ll want it to be different from a regular trailer. Teasers are made for the purpose of grabbing your intended audience’s interest. Therefore, the plot and characters of your film are unnecessary to display. Instead, pinpoint the most interesting thing about your movie and highlight it. For instance, if your film has impressive effects, show some of the best ones.  

3) Make a Full-Length Trailer

When your film is about thirty days from being released, you can send out a full-length trailer. This is where you should display the specifics of your movie. Unless you want to have a specific aesthetic, try to avoid trailer voice overs. Instead, use dialogue and music to communicate your message. Most importantly, this trailer should provide a distinct tone. If your film is quirky or avant-garde, that should be clear. Be sure to end the trailer with information about when and where the film can be seen.

4) Create a Website

A fundamental way to start marketing online is to make a website. This site will be the base of your advertisements. Any promotional material, from posters to trailers, should display your website link. It’s also important to note that the website shouldn’t be for you. Instead, the site should be about the movie itself. While you can and should make a page outlining your contributions, you need to focus on the product you’re marketing. When you’re creating the site, make sure that it’s easy to navigate. Potential viewers may get frustrated if a piece of information is hard to find. This is particularly important when it comes to viewing dates and times. Finally, your website needs to be engaging. Add pictures and videos that can generate interest. 

5) Submit to a Film Festival

Film festivals are vital for artists that want to advertise a new release. Not only are these events excellent for gaining exposure, but there’s also an abundance occurring all the time. Ergo, you’re likely to find a venue that will take your work. If you get accepted, do your homework. Find out if there are any notable internet personalities or critics attending the festival. Since it’s not certain that these individuals will see your work, try to get in contact before the event. While you shouldn’t badger critics, you could send promotional material and politely ask for your film to be reviewed. If it’s possible, you’ll also want to attend the festival yourself. You can provide more information to interested audiences, as well as encourage attendees to see your screening.

If you put your heart and soul into making a film, it deserves to be seen. Get the word out and make sure you have an audience. 



Finnegan Pierson loves business and has a passion for technology and films. As a freelance writer, Finn hopes to influence others so they can have a positive business experience.