5 Short Films To Give You A Horror Film Fix - Raindance

Here are 5 of our favourite short horror movies that prove you don’t need a feature length film to give your audience the heebie jeebies.

Pedro Maccarone- ‘Wrong Date’ Part 1 & 2 (6 seconds each)

As both of these 6 second horrors show, all it takes is a split second to change the entire tone of your film- the final shot of part 1 takes the film from sexy to scary in an instant.


Pony Smasher- ‘Pictured’ (3 minutes)

Never underestimate the power of silence. The lack of words and music in this film only adds to the tension as we watch the horror unfold.


Rachel Tatham- ‘Porcelain Rising’ (5 minutes)

Make the most of your establishing shots. When you’re short for time, make the most of your setting like this short does- night, thunderstorm and creepy child all scream horror before the action has even begun.


CowmasterStudios- ‘Knock'(7 minutes)

A young girl, home alone late at night- things can only go wrong. Don’t be afraid of using horror film conventions, they convey a mood very quickly and you’re always free to subvert them or take them in whatever direction you want.


Bloody Cuts Films- ‘Don’t Move’ (10 minutes)

Start in the middle of the action. The opening shots of a blood stained ouija board intrguige and confuse the audience, leaving us desperate to find out what source of evil caused it.