5 Reasons Independent Filmmakers Will Survive a Zombie Apocalypse - Raindance

Zombie Movies are an entire genre unto themselves with consistent rules, story formats and themes. Since the dawn of undead flicks with Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, audiences have watched hundreds of heroes and heroines overcome the zombie apocalypse vanguard to survive another day. Typically they all do this the same way; hide out on a mall roof with guns and a crowbar. But when Z-day comes, the people who’ll be most prepared won’t be the geeks locked in their basements with box sets of The Walking Dead; it’ll be us, the independent filmmakers. Here’s why:


1. We work well in teams

It’s pretty obvious that filmmakers work well with other people, well the good ones do. The entire profession requires you to work in groups of all different kinds of characters. This is one of the key elements in filmmaking and surviving the apocalypse. And in both cases it’s ok to let someone go, so that the rest of the group can survive.



 2. We’re great problem solvers
As independent filmmakers we work great under pressure and we know how to solve almost any problem that we come across. An actor just quit? A zombie is breaking threw our barrier? That’s ok! Shoot them in head! The zombie, not the actor… Not only would filmmakers make great survivalist but great leaders.  Everyone comes to you with problems, and it’s your job to solve it, and you constantly face deadlines. So when the situation literally becomes life or death, you can do the same. So if it means chaining your best friend to the wall of your shed, you’ll be more than willing.


3.We aim for the head! 

You’re an artist. Your film is your baby. It’s ok to aim for perfection. When you’re filming, you nail it right on the dot. You get an idea, that idea becomes a project, and that project becomes your film. You never take your mind off the goal and that’s the same as aiming at a physical target. So when a zombie is approaching, dig out your filmmaker ODC, grab a blunt object and aim for the head. 

4. We’re resourceful


Independent filmmaking is not easy. Money unfortunately does not grow on trees. When it comes to being resourceful no one is better then an independent filmmaker. You can turn a sheet into a background and toilet paper into a costume. Who do you think people will trust with resourcefulness in the event of the zombie take over? You spare the budget, spare the bullets!


5. We aren’t afraid to get down and dirty


From drama to porn and everything in between, us filmmakers are not afraid to get down and dirty to get the job done.  We are notorious for kissing ass and getting the job done no matter what we have to do. This goes to all you filmmakers cleaning houses for extra cash, and to all you filmmakers living in a shitty flat until you sell your film. We all get down and dirty for the industry we love. You can expect a little dirt at every stage of your career.

So when the zombies come you can feel confident that your filmmaking skills will only benefit you. The survivalists will envy you, and everyone will look to you for attention, so show them whose boss! Kicks some career butt and some zombie ass!