5 Key Tips on Audience Building and Social Media - Raindance

Let’s be honest: Independent filmmakers should know how to build an audience and use social media effectively to promote their films. We start promoting our films months ahead. Here are the 5 key points we, filmmakers, should keep in mind.

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Julia Verdin


1. From the conception of your project think about who your audience is and how you are going to reach them.

Consider your target audience and the ways in which you can make your film appeal to them. In doing so, your audience will feel more engaged in the film, making it more likely to succeed. By finding an audience who is passionate about your film, you will have the advantage of word of mouth promotion to like-minded people.


2. Start your marketing and social media campaign from day one of pre-production.

There is no point in having a great film if no one  knows it exists! Social media acts as the perfect bridge between a film and your audience, giving them a sense of connection that is often the root of their support. Use different social media sites regularly from day one to build an audience gradually.

Also, social media and marketing is one of the most effective ways to crowdfund, especially with such accessible websites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. So your presence and effective campaign on social media will help you in every step towards the success of your film’s marketing efforts.


3. Get people excited to share your story and invest in your success!

The best way to get people to invest in your project both financially and emotionally is through inspiration. You have to make them believe in your story, in your cast and in your crew.  If someone feels like they have some sort of connection, they will have more incentive to help push your film to succeed. The excitement you create will maintain the fan base you build and will form the basis of your film’s audience in spreading the word to their families and friends.


4. Build your brand and fan base as a filmmaker by clever use of social media.

Have a long-term goal on building your brand as a film maker that can carry on from project to project.  So the time and energy you spend on building your audience and fan base will carry over to future projects.  Work out which social media platforms are the best ones for you and your projects and have a  clear strategy. Have a planned out schedule of your posts, use the ads if you have the budget, integrate your campaign in different mediums and give push from each site. Post regularly and also make your self part of the community by putting out posts that inspire and are helpful to others as well as promoting your project.


5. Incentivize your fans to help you to make your film a success!

Create an incentive that could help the promotion and sales of your film. Incorporating the marketing of your film via social media with a small reward in return could give it the extra visibility it needs to make it a success. This helps the audience feel they get something in return of their support for your project. Engage with them and make them know that you care about them. In the end, they are the part of your team!