5 Creators Who Were Helped by IdeasTap - Raindance

This morning’s announcement that IdeasTap will be shutting its doors on 2 June is a devastating blow to the filmmaking community. Join in the collective grief (and anger at arts cuts) by tweeting #GoodbyeIdeasTap, or be productive and tweet #saveideastap and visit www.saveideastap.com.

For those who don’t know, IdeasTap has supported up-and-coming creative minds for the past six years.  They have offered a site for actors, directors, writers, and more to showcase their talents and CVs, and to connect on a professional level. Furthermore, IdeasTap has been host to a number of contests with prizes providing funding for future creative projects.  In this day and age where finding public funding can seem impossible and requires a lot of networking and even more luck, IdeasTap has helped many aspiring filmmakers reach their goals.

In tribute to IdeasTap, here is a showcase some of the top creative minds that they have supported:

Joseph Pelling

Joseph previously won IdeasTaps’ Ideas Fund Innovators competition. However, you may be familiar with a project he was involved with called Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. This video made the rounds on the internet a few years ago, for its delightfully disturbing views on being creative. Joseph has since made 2 more shorts under the same name and may (or may not) be working on a web series.

Twitter: @Japelling

Website: http://beckyandjoes.com/


Olivia Humphreys

Olivia is a six time contest winner with IdeasTap, the latest being the Digital Media and Visual Arts – Little Ideas contest. She has made several short films, for example, Noctuaries, which takes a look at the process of grief and how dreams can get involved. Olivia has since been working on documentaries and writing for IdeasTap.

Twitter: @OliviaDocmaker

Website: http://www.oliviahumphreys.com/


Rory Stewart

Rory won the Ideas Fund Innovators contest for The Port, which focuses on a particular pub in Edinburgh called the The Port O’ Leith. His latest film, Wyld, has been shown at several film festivals and is a winner of the BAFTA New Talent Award for Best Acting Performance.

Twitter: @RoryAStewart

Website: http://rorystewartfilms.co.uk/


Martin Stirling

Martin Stirling has won two contests at IdeasTap, including the Write to Shine competition.  Part of his recent work that has received internet attention is his Most Shocking Second a Day Video for Save The Children. It offers a hypothetical scenario of a girl’s life in the UK while the country is at war.

Twitter: @mtstirling

Website: http://www.martinstirling.com/

Ian Pons Jewell

A winner of the Top Up Fund film Competition for his film, Augustus Lullaby, Ian has filmed several music videos, including work for Paolo Nutini and “Lalala” by Naughty Boy, featuring Sam Smith.

Twitter: @IanPonsJewell

Website: http://www.ianponsjewell.com/