3 Reasons Why Americans Love British Films

I’m an American living in London for the first time. As I near the end of my time here in London, I have to say I’m going to miss it. London is an absolutely amazing city. To show my appreciation, here are some reasons why Americans love British films.

1. British Actors

I have to start this one with a disclaimer and say, Brits are beautiful. Trust me, I walk down the streets of London every day and most women put Americans to shame. But what I appreciate about the English actors is they look like real, everyday people. Sure, there are heart throbs like Jude Law, but many leading roles aren’t perfect tens. Most of the main roles are filled by people that look like the rest of us.

This allows the audience to analyze who they are as a character, not their airbrushed face or perfectly chiseled body. These characters grow on the audience much more than someone who’s merely easy on the eyes. We don’t just like the character because our subconscious is kicking in that can’t resist a pretty face. Instead, British screenwriters develop alluring characters that we appreciate for their personality and thoughts.

I don’t mean to sound like a sappy, heartbroken girl who thinks looks don’t matter, but something is to be said for developing such strong characters that we like them regardless of what they look like. I give you British screenwriters much more credit than those who fall back on a pretty face.

2. British Humour

It’s awkward, ironic, and a little bit sexual. What more could you ask for? British humor makes you think. Popular American comedies like The Hangover or the Happy Madison movies (which I have to admit, are still some of my favorites) throw the humor in your face. They’re full of stupidity where we fall victim to these jackasses and laugh. Poop-jokes and drunken messes provide immediate, temporary jest.

British films give you a little more credit. You aren’t some mindless fool. They make you work for the comedy. The double-entendres and ironic, unexpected mishaps that are littered throughout the films encourage closer attention to plot lines and even current events. You have to listen for sly comments regarding a certain political leader or poking at a specific event.

Brits are also ballsy. They say what the Americans are afraid to. They aren’t afraid to be politically incorrect or a bit insulting to certain crowds. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear the same things that we’re all thinking. Thank you British filmmakers for preventing films from going soft on us.

3. British Language

We can deny it as much as we want, but yes Americans are absolutely enchanted by the British accent. For those of you who are familiar with the film Love Actually, if you can recall the scene where Colin Frissell goes to the bar in America, Richard Curtis nailed it on the head. Even if you’re gangly, awkward and absentminded like Colin Frissell, American girls really do respond to British accents that way.

We also love the British slang and terms. Arse, bugger, dodgy, knickers, bloody hell, wanker, we can’t get enough of it.

Keep it up Brits, you keep doing you. We love it.