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In today’s cellular and internet based age, we’re all hooked on the interconnectivity that social media offers. Resisting the movement of the new age in Twitter, Instagram, and various other social media platforms, is pointless. Social media doesn’t necessarily have to command your life, but it certainly does offer us as filmmakers and film enthusiasts a safe space to share ideas and projects.

How do you expect to get your name out to the public as a novice filmmaker? You can stand out on the street corner and shout out your ideas and domaine name, but you’re more likely to get something chucked at you than getting anyone’s attention. Twitter is the obvious solution, sharing insightful information from others in the film world is a sure way to gain a following of your own. Here’s an updated list of diverse filmmakers with Twitters to brighten your day, keep you informed, and that can also inspire something in you.

Ted Hope @Ted Hope

With more than 70 films under his belt as a producer, Ted Hope has accomplished a staggering amount, even launching Amazon into the feature film scene. When he is not neck deep in scripts to produce, his tweets and retweets are carefully crafted retorts to political news, social problems that need contribution, and even film reviews. His twitter account is a solid basis for for a healthy dose of news items in political, and film spheres to keep you aware and ready to engage.

Christine Vachon @kvpi

If you’re looking for a reflective time, Christine’s twitter is just the one for you. She’s certainly not quiet on politically sensitive topics, and we thank her for it. She’s outright and outspoken, a twitter certainly worth visiting to gain a new perspective on social life. Don’t let that frighten you, Christine also likes to share upcoming film events that people should keep a look out for. She’s an incredibly accomplished producer in the film world, her opinion is one with merit, so have a look.

Edgar Wright @EdgarWright

Currently a praised director for his film Baby Driver, Edgar Wright is turning heads in both Hollywood, and on the twitter-sphere. His account is an easy follow, his posts on happening film events show us how much he loves his job. A film geek who is not afraid to let that show in retweets of hilarious videos, gifs, or photos that slap a grin on your face. We also can’t help but be proud of him as Raindance’s first intern. No bias there, I swear.

Lena Dunham @LenaDunham

Leading star in HBO’s Girls, Lena Dunham has more sarcasm and self-awareness in her twitter feed than most comedians in a night of stand up. When she’s not assessing her life in a self-destructive manner that makes us feel better about ourselves, she’s sharing awareness on female struggles and empowerment in the film world. Whether you’re a fan of Girls or not, her account is sure to make you curious in checking out her work, hoping it’s as funny as her tweets.

Ron Howard @RealRonHoward

Ron Howard isn’t a director that shies away from showing his process, and his twitter is there to move him along. Documenting the production of his films on twitter, followers easily see what goes on behind his sets. That alone is a reason to follow Howard, not many directors offer such an intimate look into their film spaces. Now to wait for behind the scenes dressing room shots of Chewbacca, we can but hope.

Jane Rosenthal @JaneTribeca

Tribeca Film Festival’s Co-Founder, Jane Rosenthal is a great source for news in politics, art, music, and even film, all in one neat twitter feed. Rosenthal advocates for female equality in the workplace and society, sharing insightful and poignant articles that everyone should read. Amidst the fallout of Hollywood’s harassment scandals, Rosenthal is an account you’ll need to see how women are banding together and how everyone can act. Not only is she a strong female figure in the film world, she has fun with her twitter in sharing interesting and current art, music and upcoming films, so be sure to have your notifications on for Rosenthal.

JJ Abrams @bad_robot

Though it’s unclear if this twitter is run by Abrams himself, or by his production company “Bad Robot”, this account is still something that’ll grab your attention. A constant update on tv programs and films to watch out for (produced by Bad Robot, but that doesn’t bother us at all), as well as fun opportunities to win prizes for simply retweeting. Make sure to give this twitter account a gander or two.

Lake Bell @LakeBell

Actor, writer, director, way to humble all of us Lake. If you’re looking for a dose of hilarious videos, gifs, and commentaries on social trends, Lake Bell might just be the answer. Recently moving into directing, Bell has a keen eye for all things visual, sharing inspirational film shots, as well as upcoming works in Hollywood worthy of checking out. Comedy comes as second nature to her, and it shows in her twitter.

Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds

Reynolds didn’t play Deadpool, he basically was Deadpool, and that’s exactly the tone you’ll get with following this twitter account. Full of hilariously deadpan/ sarcastic comments and notions to keep your daily spirits up. It’s hard to take him seriously, but his serious side does also make the occasional appearance while promoting organisations to help out with those with diseases or those affected by natural disasters. His account is full of heart, but more importantly, it’s full of it.

Callie Khouri @CallieKhouri

If you’re trying to stay up-to-date with all things news in politics, Callie Khouri knows what you need. The producer/writer has a steady stream of thought provoking articles and news segments to keep your mind full of fresh insights so you’ll seem somewhat informed at your next cocktail party.

Judd Apatow @JuddApatow

A poignant look on the hot topic issues of the global political climate, Apatow isn’t afraid to show his perspective on things. The director/producer also often brings his genius comedic wit to his tweets to give us a nice laugh or two, even on politics, no subject is safe from this man.

Lucy Walker @LucyWalkerFilm

Need some fruit for thought? Lucy Walker’s twitter feed is a plethora for the senses, so don’t let it overwhelm you. Walker is a distinguished an accomplished documentary filmmaker, her curiosity on the human condition pull you in through her eccentric voice on twitter. Her fascination with education in everyday life and TedX functions offer new ways of thinking. There’s something about her voice in her account that easily makes you smile, I can’t quite define it but maybe you can.

Darren Aronofsky @DarrenAronofsky

If you’re looking for a taste of beautiful imagery, Darren Aronofsky has you covered. His passion for photographs are encapsulating, especially those on his new film, Mother!. That just shows how dedicated his work is to visuals, every frame he posts is visually stunning.That itself is a good reason for following his twitter, but if you’re not yet convinced, don’t fret. His unapologetic views on anything ranging from food and art, to environment issues, give us a glimmer of comedic relief to keep us wanting more.

Paola Mendoza @PaolaMendoza

As the Artistic Director of The Women’s March, her voice has a strong echoing in the twitter-sphere. Paola Mendoza not only acts, and directs in several projects, but she’s a strong female figure emphasising important viewpoints that should be considered.

Paul Feig @PaulFeig

It’s only fitting that a director of hilarious comedies such as The Heat, and Bridesmaids should be able to bring out the humour in any situation. Paul Feig’s twitter feed reads like a screenwriter’s attack on current topics, hilarity ensues. That’s not to say that he doesn’t provide real opinions on real matters, it’s just that he’s better at it than most.

Tiffany Shlain @TiffanyShlain

“Mother. Wife. Filmmaker” her twitter introduction is right, but modest to say the least. Tiffany Shlain takes to twitter her humanitarian prospects, ensuring her followers get educated one way or another.

Duncan Jones @ManMadeMoon

Duncan Jones, director of Moon, knows how to personally work his twitter account, never failing to give us an insight into his goofy nature. He’s not the type to be afraid to reply to others, so following him could always result in a captivating conversation. His sharing of current art trends and joke trends both resonate with a wide variety of people, reminding us he’s a loveable dork deserving of a twitter follow.

Angela Robinson @RobinsonAngela

Robinson, director of the recent film Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, doesn’t hesitate to highlight why she loves telling stories, it’s a refreshing outlook. Especially for those jaded in the cinema world, her twitter voice is a sure reminder of why we all love films and storytelling.

Spike Lee @SpikeLee

Spike Lee needs no introduction, but maybe his twitter handle does. Lee’s twitter voice is much like his directorial style, outspoken and memorable. It’s full of film news and events that’ll catch your attention. Need I say more?

Mira Nair @MiraPagliNair

With so many films out nowadays, it’s hard to find a consistent line-up. Director Mira Nair’s twitter feed can serve that exact purpose. She has a strong eye for impactful films that’ll leave you yearning. Her account also shows foreign perspectives on the film world, as well as the geo-political atmosphere, take note folks.


Wrap Up

Social media has quickly grown into an expansive creative space for like-minded people to share one another’s thoughts, they help each other grow as both filmmakers, as well as responsible beings (hopefully). Each of these aforementioned filmmakers make their views clear whether its through comedy, politics, art, or all of them in a jumbled/beautiful mess of a twitter feed. Following them can mean learning from them, and learning from them can mean you can one day develop your own unique twitter persona to amass a cult following. You’ll have to follow to find out.


Who did I miss? Enter your favourite filmmaker’s Twitter account in the comments box.



Frank Muñoz is a Raindance intern, finishing his Undergraduate Degree in Filmmaking and Television. Having grown up in both Mexico and Hong Kong, Frank has an appreciation for a diverse range of arts in cultures, hoping to bring that to his work someday.