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If you are on the market for prop movie money, welcome to the club. Prop money has been growing in popularity throughout the years now that our high tech world has made filming very easy to do.

Whether you are a well-known filming maker with high-end equipment or simply a teenager with a dream and a smartphone, you can easily access motion picture money with just a click of the mouse. 

Due to the increase in use, the replica prop money industry is booming and full of companies claiming they have the best products for the best price. Unfortunately, you cannot always trust what the seller is advertising. That’s why we took the time to order, test, and compare their products to rank the best companies to buy prop money to get the best filming prop bills out there.

The Top 17 Prop Money Companies

1) Buzzprops.com

BUZZPROPS LLC offers high quality realistic looking prop bills that can film everywhere and fool anyone who uses them on set. They are a well-known prop money manufacturer that has ties to the film industry in all areas. Working with companies like Showtime, Netflix, and universal studios, BuzzProps provides a long list of reputable customers proving they have what it takes to create a great product.

The designs are some of the best in the biz with great quality inks, paper, and production. Your bills can be filmed in any setting you require without worrying whether people will notice they are fake. They sell a wide variety of denominations in various forms that will fit any script.

Besides offering the best movie prop money on the market, BuzzProps also offer their customers affordable prop movie money that creates the scene but will not put a large dent in your film budget. Their prices are very affordable, allowing you to put your money to use in more places.

To complete the package, BuzzProps has amazing customer services providing access to customer support in multiple ways and an easy to navigate website that gets you directly to what you are looking for and checked out within minutes.

This is the best company to consider when you are in a jam and need your motion picture money ASAP as they offer all their customers shipping within one business day from when you ordered it. No more worrying about waiting around on set because your props are not in.

2) RJR props 

Next on our list is RJR props. This company’s products have been seen in movies, music videos, and popular television shows. Their basic option is made with both sides looking very similar to real money and will fool the camera within just a short distance away. 

You can also opt for their high-grade bills that couldn’t get any closer to the real money unless it was the real thing. To keep these legal, they are only printed on one side.

In addition to their great prop movie money, this company offers many other props to fit many films and videos all in one place. From jail props, cash registers, and ATMs to aircraft carriers, churches, and cemeteries, RJR props have just what you need to make your shoot stand out.

3) Prop Money Store

Full money stacks, filler movie money, aged prop movie money, PropMoneyStore.com has it all. Their professionally designed, handcrafted products provide the look you want for the prices you can afford. 

Filmmakers truly enjoy shopping with PropMoneyStore because of their easy access to customer service and their wide variety of well-crafted props. If you are on the market for a specific area that needs to be filled with cash, this company is more than happy to provide you with assistance to create the perfect stacks to fill any space. 

Best yet, all US orders ship for free, with tracking and insurance included with every order. If you need your money ASAP, expedited shipping is also available.

Go to Propmoneystore.com to check the amazing photos from famous scenes where their prop movie money has been used.

4) Thomas FX

Have you ever seen the amazing movies Kong: Skull Island and Avengers Infinity War or watched the popular television shows Parks and Recreation or Chicago Under Fire? If you have seen only one of these, you have seen the quality of motion picture money that ThomasFX.com creates. 

You can easily order their products on their company website or through Amazon.com. They even offer brick and mortar shops for those who prefer to shop in person.

Not only does this company give you an option to purchase some high-quality prop bills but other special effects products to help you make your productions as realistic as possible. 

Does your upcoming film involve an erupting volcano? Thomas FX has volcanic ash and bio-ash available to give it a realistic touch. Or maybe you are creating a horror film that requires blood and cuts. Try their movie makeup kits to get the creepy look you’re going for.

5) Moe Money Shop

At MoeMoneyProps.com you can make it rain on any budget. Whether you are filming your first Tik-Tok video or producing your 100th music video, you can afford this prop movie money along with other prop products.

We like this company because they not only offer up fake money props but also bling galore. You can ice yourself up with jewellery and grills or dress yourself down with their cash apparel, and you can flaunt dollar bills everywhere you go. 

Moe Money is also about to roll out a usable set to help producers filming amazing videos. They provide the space, the models, and the replica money to help you create the greatest videos possible. 

6) Prop Movie Money

Propmoviemoney.com makes some of the best quality customised and specialised designed fake cash on the market today. If you need some clean and crisp bills for a bank robbery scene or aged fake cash to dig up a buried duffle bag, this company has just what you are looking for.

With prop movie money, no shine design, and macro close-up readiness, you can use this fake money straight from the package. If for any reason you are not happy with the money that is delivered. This company stands by their items and their word for customer service and offer returns and exchanges if need be.

Have you ever thought about customising your cash? Adding your business logo or even your face on your fake bills? Prop movie money has the equipment to do just that. Contact their experts today to come up with customised cash for your personal needs.

7) Prop Money

Propmoney.com can customise your fake bills for any occasion you can think of. From holidays to birthdays and everything in between. Add a logo or your best friend’s dog on the front of a stack of cash to give a fun and personalised gift that is unique and customised.

This company also offers full prints or blank fillers that will make any shoot look professional and legit. You won’t have to worry about anyone noticing you are using motion picture money in your film because PropMoney makes their money replicated the real deal as close as they legally can.

PropMoney.com guarantees your order will be shipped within one business day, giving you the peace of mind knowing you will get it on time for filming day. If you should ever have any questions or concerns, they give you a direct contact phone number and a number you can text to get a quick response.

8) Not Legal Tender

NotLegalTender.com has worldwide ties with entertainment industries all over the world. Their motion picture money is featured in many famous movies, films, T.V, and music videos available today. 

Not only is the quality of their products one of the best, but they also offer a range of denominations and dates to make your movie even more believable and realistic. This cash is made to look extremely similar to the real thing, with little changes not noticeable on camera, but only when it’s right in front of your face.

You never have to worry about legal issues arising from using this motion picture money because the company makes sure to follow all guidelines to keep their cash out of the economy. Buyers beware, Not Legal Tender will refuse to sell their cash to anyone who references the use as legal tender or pose a risk to criminal intentions.

9) Prop-Money

Prop-money.com makes fake money props that looks real for all your filming needs. They are aware of all the time and work that goes into making a movie or video and want to help the process run as easily and smoothly as possible.

They offer very affordable items along with free shipping on all orders. Your products will be shipped within one business day to get you your prop movie money within a speedy turnaround time.

All of their bills look great on camera, but you will notice it is not the real thing at close up. Each bill states not a real currency and also follows many other guidelines to make sure their company and your production doesn’t face any negative legal troubles if they pretend money was to get into the wrong hands.

10) Strobe Props

Strobeprops.com sells replica money with high-grade ink and fine realistic paper. This fake cash will work great for any of your cash needs. Use it for some great pranks or in your DIY YouTube videos giving the illusion of real currency.

If you are looking for a good company that offers great customer services and affordable products, you are looking in the right place.

It doesn’t matter where you live as you have access to purchasing from this replica money store. They sell to every location worldwide and will not take more than 10 business days for these shipments. 2-3 business days for US purchasers.

Strobe Props only accept PayPal for purchases making it easy to shop around and pay online without searching for a credit card or checking or worrying about your personal information getting into the wrong hands.

11) Play Movie Money

If you are searching for the best prop movie money for all types of currency, you will want to check out Playmoviemoney.com where you can buy American cash and Australian and Canadian cash, Euros, pounds, and rubble. This is great for shooting films that are portraying shots located in other countries. 

Not only are you given many different options of currency, but you are also able to customise and create your own bills using logos, pictures, slogans, and more. You will be the life of the party with your face plastered on the front of a 100-dollar bill.

Play Movie Money has your safety in mind every day. Scanning non-stop for viruses or other types of security breaches in their computer systems, making sure your personal information doesn’t enter into the hands of people it doesn’t belong to.

12) Money For Pranks

Moneyforpranks.com is a great place to shop for some of the most realistic fake money props you can find. These bills are made from high-quality paper and are offered in a wide variation of denominations and designs.

As an internationally recognised prank money store, consumers come from all over the world to buy and film Money For Pranks products daily. Shipping time is very reasonable, along with shipping costs.

Suppose you enjoy pranking your family or filming for your prank videos channel, Money for Pranks is a company you will want to check out. Their products replicate U.S dollars, Canadian money, British pounds, and much more.  

13) New Rule FX

NewruleFX.com is so much more than just a replica money shop. If you are looking for all things props, this is the place to be. They offer prop food, breakable balsa, and unbreakable bottles, to name a few.

Their replica money has been designed to give you money perfect for filming and easily notice it is not real to keep them and you from illegal transactions. To identify the bill as fake, the faces on the bills differ from the real ones, the buildings have been altered, and there are fictitious serial numbers printed on all of the money.

Do you really want to stand out from the rest? New Rule FX will customise your cash in whatever unique design you come up with or with your business logo sketched across the bill. These custom designs are affordable and great for any occasion.

14) Prop Money Bank

PropMoneyBank.com is one of the top sellers of Fake US money. They have a wide variety of US dollar bills and divisions of money. All of their bills look very similar to the real thing, without getting too close to the government guidelines that make it illegally counterfeit money.

Although they are well known for their replica’s quality, it is not the only thing they have on the market. Want to spice up your video with the main character smoking a cigar or cigarette? They offer that. Looking to make it rain up in a club scene or a shoot at a party? Check out their money gun. You can create a jaw-dropping music video with the products this company sells.

Worried about a budget, no problem. PropMoneyBank sells their fake cash at a reasonable price to make its replica money accessible for everyone.

15) Luxury Prop Money

LuxuryPropMoney.com has amazing customer service giving you direct access to knowledgeable and friendly staff no matter what questions you may have. The company is devoted to making a quality product that gives the best filming money possible.

Each of their high-grade products undergoes testing to ensure that their customers receive top quality fake money props that will film like real currency without actually using real money.

If you are not 100% happy with the product you receive for some reason, LuxuryPropMoney will work with you until you are fully satisfied, whether that be through returns or exchanges. The company’s response will be quick and efficient, so you will not waste precious film time waiting for the right cash to get to your set.

16) The Money Production

TheMoneyProduction.com has created motion picture money using high-quality products and knowledgeable professionals. Producing replica money that will film fantastically but still adhere to the guidelines set forth by the secret service and the government to keep replica money from entering into local economies, having the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” or “Replica” written on the note.

With very affordable low prices and free shipping everywhere in the US, you can count on TheMoneyProduction to give you a great product for all your filming needs without breaking the bank.

Whether you work in theatre or create social media posts just for fun, shop this motion picture money company to get a great look without paying a high-end price.

17) Prop Dollar Money

Whether you are a social media guru or shooting a commercial for the super bowl, PropDollarMoney.com can give you fake cash that will make your videos stand out among the crowd. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to fill a duffle bag or an entire vault; you can count on PropDollarMoney to have the currency you need.

Here you can shop full print, fillers, or by series. They provide crisp bills or aged-looking cash stacks. All their products closely represent the real thing, creating an image perfect for the camera. 

With a pop-up chat box, WhatsApp, phone number, and email, you can reach the company easily and on time with all of your questions day or night.

PropDollarMoney is determined to keep up with technology and high definition media, using colours and ink that films very well. The ink is even waterproof and will not smear or smudge if the money gets wet.

How We Picked the Best Prop Money Sites

  • Quality- Prop movie money needs to look the part on and off-camera. The ink needs to be high quality and will not smear or smudge when wet. The paper needs to film well and not look too stiff.
  • Design- You want bills to have the right pictures and look for the year they were made and the colour to get as close to being on point as legally allowed. Having motion picture money that is way too big or way too small will show on film.
  • Cost- Producing a film can be very costly, so motion picture money should not be expensive. When picking our top 17 companies, we looked for affordable well-made fake bills. Many of these companies also offer promotions and discount codes as incentives making the cost even more affordable.
  • Customer Experience- “The customer is always right.” This statement rings true no matter what industry you are in. Having an easy enjoyable shopping experience is a must for purchasing products online. We made sure to read reviews to get a real feel for customers’ opinions.
  • Shipping- Although many of our top companies offer free shipping, we understand that it is not always possible. Offering affordable shipping is important when free cannot be done. Also, offering a quick turnaround time is a must when working with the film industry business. Late products could cost a lot in production time loss.

Prop Money vs. Real Money

While prop movie money can look very similar to real money, it does not have identical markings to real money. Replica money does not have the same-colored ink as real money. It also has to have “not for legal tender” or similar written across the bill. Replica money also cannot provide independent serial numbers for each dollar. Many companies will also alter the pictures and designs on their bills, making it obvious that it is not a real currency.

Is it Illegal to Buy Prop Money?

It is not illegal to purchase prop money. However, it is illegal to try and use the money to buy anything using it as real cash. If you were ever caught using motion picture money as legal tender, you would be given a hefty fine along with prison time.

What is the Most Realistic Prop Money?

The most realistic movie money will have the faces and pictures identical to the original. It will also be the same size as real money, and the color will be extremely close. These bills may not say “For Motion Picture Use Only” across the top, however by law; they are only allowed to be printed looking realistic on one side of the bill.

Does Prop Money Feel Real?

The majority of prop money for sale today will not feel identical to real money. Real money is not made out of regular printing paper, and because of this, the texture will be off. You will notice many companies state that their money is for filming, so it needs to look real, not feel real.

Do Rappers use Prop Money?

When visiting the sites posted in this article above, you will notice that there are many famous rappers who not only use replica money but have purchased it from some of these great vendors.  Motion picture money is perfect for filming rap videos where they like to make it rain or flaunt cars full of dollars.

What to Look for When Buying prop money?

When buying fake money props, look for what is important in your personal situation. If you are filming from afar, you may not need something that is extremely exact so getting a double-sided paper print is going to film much better for you than the realistic one-sided page. 

Also, make sure you are going somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and taken care of. You want to feel like your private information is safe and your services are being met by professionals who know what they are doing at what rules they should be following.

Finally, make sure you are going somewhere that fits your budget. Spending too much on fake money props can take away from other areas of production that may need a little more cash.

Our Conclusion 

With the high demand for fake money props, new companies are popping up all over the internet. We recommend steering clear of purchasing and fake money from 3rd selling pirates and only go to businesses that are reputable and safe. We provided above many companies that not only produce a great product but have their customers’ safety in mind.

That’s why our #1 site has to be given to Buzzprops.com as they have done an amazing job in all the important categories listed above. You can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing from a great company, producing cheap realistic prop money that will film better than ever.



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