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It’s the last few days before Christmas. The shopping centre zombies are increasing in numbers and in desperation, and you are among them. You drag your feet from store to store, eyes red and weary. What do filmmakers even like? Tripods? Even worse – what do screenwriters like?

Raindance has you covered.

1. Final Draft 11 ($249.99)

If your screenwriter is just starting out or locked in the Stone Age (see the feathered quill suggestion), some cutting-edge software could be the perfect gift. Final Draft is the ultimate programme for screenplay formatting, and it comes with the kudos of the biggest names in media, from the BBC to Netflix to Paramount. Raindance members save 30%! Join Raindance >HERE and start saving.

2. Raindance Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate (London) ( £236.00)

Five Wednesday evenings to whip your screenwriter into shape. The Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate will guide you from your first brainstorm all the way to the art of pitching your completed script, with tips on character building, formatting, and everything else in between.Raindance members save 20%

3. Raindance 10x10s + Treatment Pack (£10.00)

Our  treatment pack will give your screenwriter Raindance Certified advice and six different types of treatment to reference in their own writing.Raindance members get this for £7.50

If they’re looking for inspiration, the 10×10 works for screenwriters and cult film fans alike – it includes the first ten pages of ten groundbreaking movies, including Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction and Seven.

4. Mugs (£5)

A Raindance mug to keep that coffee – and that inspiration – flowing.

5. Books – The Hidden Tools of Comedy, The Hollywood Standard

Get your screenwriter something to curl up with by the crackling fire – we recommend The Hollywood Standard and Steve Kaplan’s Hidden Tools of Comedy. Read our reviews of them here and here.

6. Chris Nolan Scripts (FREE)

More inspiration – and 100% gratis! Read all of Christopher Nolan’s scripts in their entirety and learn from one of the biggest players in current film.

Now your screenwriter can cry while reading Interstellar, not watching it and hogging the TV.

7. Notebook (£9.62)

For brainstorming writers who still know how to use a pen – a nice Moleskin notebook to jot down ideas on the go.

8. Motivational Badges (£5.00)

Stick these badges to your filmmaker’s clothing, bags, and laptop cases. Maybe ask them first. Or don’t. Motivation needs to be imposed, sometimes.

9. Thinking Cap (£15.00)

Sit your screenwriter down and sit this on their head – it’s time to write.

10. Typewriter (various prices)

Give your screenwriter some vintage motivation to write – but remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

11. Quill (£14.99)

The aforementioned Stone Age Screenwriter will love this – combine with the Moleskine to make them feel like Lord Byron.

12. Focus tent (£12.95)

Cancel out all distraction and make your screenwriter sit in this star-spangled tent for maximum focus.


Sylvie Dumont is not quite Italian and not quite American. And certainly not French.

When she is not in the Raindance office, she is crying about her undergrad dissertation. If you know anything about Sicilian folklore, please contact her.

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