10 Things Lockdown Filmmakers Do |Raindance Film Festival

Some fear the global pandemic that swirls around our doorsteps. Others sit back and think of how we can use the innovative and creative skills that independent filmmakers and screenwriters are known for.

Here’s how Raindance helps lockdown filmmakers.

10. How successful lockdown filmmakers work remotely.

Let’s face it. You ain’t going nowhere. For ages. Learn how to maximise the time and create  with these great tips.

9. Contribute to the Raindance blog

Stuck at an impasse in your lockdown filmmaker’s career? Why not write for the Raindance Film Festival blog?

We’re small by BFI or indiewire standards. But we still get between 6-8,000 people a day visiting our website. And they’re always on the hunt for the sort of fresh new ideas and bold new talent – like you have. Read our author brief.

8. Lockdown filmmakers Join Raindance

If you thought Raindance has cool stuff on their website, wait til you Join Raindance.

People just like you join every day. Because there’s a host of benefits that money can’t buy. Not just discounts but freebies galore. Plus an array of insider tips and tricks only available to members. There’s free on-line training courses, a 1,000+ script library, sample legal contracts.

Members also get free 15 minute consultations with our founder, Elliot Grove. No other film organisation does that!

Raindance is self-funded. We’re far too contemporay to receive public funding. Your membership fees help us do really cool things. Please: Join Raindance.

7. Raindance Live on Instagram

It took Raindance’s imhouse locked down filmmakers exactly 24 hours to come up with a daily indie film show. It’s every day at 13:00 London time. It’s with Elliot Grove and special guests. Join In! Tune in! Contribute! And it’s totally FREE.

6. The Pitch is back! The 125 Word Story Competition

Heard of the elevator pitch? It’s about 2 minutes. Or 125 words. So that’s it! A short story competition limited to 125 words. Entries will be judgeded by the screenwriting tutors and mentor at Raindance. And there are some great prozes to be won.

What are you waiting for. Write your story and submit it now!

5. Film Sessions Friday

Coming soon! Free lunchtime screenings.
While we get organised, have a preview of some fab shorts you can watch in less than an hour.

4. Film Competitions

Our #SixtySustainableSeconds short film compeition is running right now. We run half a dozen filmmaking competitions every year. And filmmakers can win great prizes.

3. [NEW] Lockdown Session courses

There isn’t anyone here who doesnt want to learn a new skill while locked down, is there?
Here’s your chance to dip your toes into some of the reknown raindacne training sessions. Spend an hour with a professional for £8.00/$11.00 -and it’s free to Raindance members

Here are the first two:
No Budget Filmmaking Tuesday March 21st 14:00 BST London
Writing Characters Under Stress Thursday April 2nd 19:00 BST London

2. Online filmmaking courses

It’ not the pandemic that forced film training online at Raindance. Hell no. We’ve been delivering online film training since 2012. It’s always possible to study filmmaking at Raindance online.
*please note: Our current Higher Education filmmaking classes continue uninterupted.

1. Filmmakers submit to Raindance Film Festival

It’s never ever too late to submit your film to Europe’s largest (and oldest) independent film festival.

Join a tradition nearly three decades long. Raindance champions the underdog. Raindance films are the stories of the oppressed, the down-trodden. Raindance filmmakers are the filmmakers with passion and talent.

+ Raindance is a champion independent filmmaking

I joined Raindance because I love the Raindance energy and it’s can-do vision. I also have met so many fantastically creative people. Have I met you yet?

I hope to meet you at a Raindance event soon.



Bailey is a filmmaker and marketer from the great white north, Canada.
Coming from an illustration background, she has moved her creativity into branding and marketing the Raindance Film Festival, originally beginning as a Raindance intern in 2019. She has now moved on to win numerous awards through adobe and other arts organizations and is currently in the works of creating her next short film.

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