10 Principles of the Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree*

The Raindance Postgraduate film degree is offered in partnership with Staffordshire University.

Here are the 10 guiding principles supporting this unique degree:

1. Derived from experience:

Your current skills, knowledge and understanding are valuable and transferable to the creative industries. Your work-life experience will guide you as you move into this most revolutionary postgraduate film degree. Through a skills audit, goal setting, investigative questions and research into current industry practice, you begin your journey where you are, build on what you know, and create a bridge to who you want to become. One size does NOT fit all!

2. Flexible:

You have commitments to family and work which doesn’t allow you to drop out of life to ‘become a traditional student.’ This programme is designed to work with your existing life schedule. Flexible deadlines; a pause button and  Full-time or Part time options, Online or London based.  Our world has changed, and ‘schedule’ takes on a whole new meaning.

3. Open:

We know what we like, which filmmakers we like to celebrate, and why. But we won’t dictate which films you have to watch or what style / genre of films you make.   As part of the Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree, we guide you in choosing your own creative and analytic methods, your own movie playlists and reading lists. You supply the vision, the inspiration, the perspiration. We’re here to support your vision with ‘yes.’

4. Student driven:

You set goals and deliverables and design creative and innovative learning activities, based on your needs and preferences. Our guidance is not based on us knowing what is good for you. You develop your taste, your style, your voice, and through investigation and negotiation you come to develop confidence in your choices. It all starts with you.

5. Independent:

Our students graduate with the same level of analytical skills and insights as they get from other universities and film schools. We don’t have shareholders who put pressure on profits; we’re small and we get to know each student. This allows us to use a uniquely elastic structure and a bespoke approach. Each student is following a unique pathway. This independence enables you to adapt your coursework to the rapid technical, business and cultural developments in the film industry.

6. Practical:

We cherish imagination and innovation, but all of it best culminating in application and execution in the real world. “The end aimed at is not knowledge but action” (Aristotle).

7. Imagination:

“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it”

We encourage students to exercise creativity in their goals, in their investigative methods, and in the execution of their projects. Our role is to help our students clarify their ideas and coax their imagination through probing, questioning, wondering.

8. Work-based:

Our students write scripts, prepare business plans, launch web series, study VR, make shorts, features or documentaries. Each of our students has a unique trajectory that they have designed themselves. You ultimately learn best by doing.

9. Life-long learning:

  • You learn from a variety of Raindance mentors.
  • You learn from your own experience of making films.
  • You learn from the problems and achievements of other filmmakers who have gone before you
  • You learn from films at a cinema near you, at festivals like Raindance, or make their work available on the internet.
  • You learn from every shot you see by every filmmaker.

We want to develop skills students can use not only before and during but also particularly after graduating. Every film, TV show, Youtube short you watch is homework for the Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree, and for your filmmaking career. Forever!

10. Transcending principles:

What we teach is only a support mechanism to help with your efforts to comprehend an ever changing culture. We live in challenging, transitional times. We need visual stories to make sense of our environment, our lives and our relationships with others. We need you to write, direct or produce these stories.

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The Raindance Postgraduate Degree has been in existence since 2011.

Your degree, on your terms. The Raindance Postgraduate Degree in Film is a tailored learning environment: there are no boring classes, everything is designed to make you the filmmaker you're destined to become, help you push your projects forward and find a foothold in the film industry.

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