10 Music Video/Short Films In the last couple of years or so, a big trend has come about in the way music videos have become more like short films; both in the way they look and the storytelling department. This is a great way to expand both the filmmaker and musical artist. A good video can get a band noticed and visa versa.

This new trend is also a really good idea for people starting out as filmmakers. You only need to concentrate on aesthetics; a great way for creating a certain look and style that you’re going for. Film is a visual medium it is extremely important for newcomers to build their ability to tell a story just through the visuals and mise en scene. This form is a really great way to experiment with visual ideas that would normally just end up being sent into the experimental bin. One big plus is there’s no need to worry about paying out for a sound man.

This is a great trend as stories are far more emotionally engaging than someone singing to camera wearing colourful clothes and wind blowing through their hair. Director Romain Gavras is one of the pioneers of this surge and has really benefited him as he made his debut feature film with Vincent Cassel called ‘Our Day Will Come’ (2010) We have three of his videos down below to show you. So go out there and find yourself an up and coming band and make a short film music video for them! Who knows where it could lead. Here are some examples of the music video/Short films that mix story & a great aesthetic.

1. Director. Romain Gavras: DJ MEHDI- Signatune

This is one of Romain Gavras’s early music video short films; it has a great story and looks incredible.

2.Director. Daniel de Vue: When Saints Go Machine-Parix

This is something I found recently which has a great song and a nice and touching story.

3.Director. Saman Keshavarz: Porter Robinson-Spitfire

This music video recently won the SXSW Music Video Competition- The technique in this video is incredible as it is all filmed in one shot.

4.Director. Will Joines: Com Truise- Brokendate

This Music/Short uses a really cool blend of Sci-fi & Film Noir to make something really visually eye catching.

5.Director. Michael Ragen: Portugal The Man– Sleep Forever

Here’s a video rather on the long side. This goes to show that they really aren’t letting the song time dictate how long the video is going to be which I think is Great.

6.Director. Romain Gavras: MIA-Born Free

Another one of Romain Gavras’s music video short films- This is an epic video made with controversy written all over it.

7.Directors. Noel Paul & Stefan Moore: Royksopp-The Drug

This video is quite strange and I don’t really get it but there’s something about it.

8.Director. A Nice Idea Everyday: Mint Julep- To the Sea

This is a really cool experimental video that uses a really good effect using two cameras. I think it is a success.

9. Director.Crowns & Owls: Toby Gale- Showdown

This video is really nice as the story has a really funny twist to it.

10. Director. Romain Gavras: Justice- Stress

Another controversial video from the mind of Romain Gavras-Really great video as it really does stress you out.

And here’s one I directed in the autumn of 2013:

11. Director Patrick Chamberlain: Sephine Llo – Home